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Pediatric Special Needs Equipment: Gait Trainers & Walkers

While special needs equipment, such as walkers, are usually associated with the elderly or infirm, there's a segment of young users who require specialized pediatric walkers. A walker for kids may be required as a gait trainer, or a safety roller with or without an integrated seat/harness or a glider walker used to give a child self-confidence as he/she is encouraged to take steps.

A gait trainer walker can be configured as a posterior unit, an anterior unit or, as in models like the Wenzelite Trekkers, either/or. Some walkers, such as the Guardian Folding Walker, are fairly simple and relatively inexpensive. Others, such as the Meywalk Gait Trainers or Miniwalk Pediatric units, can be quite high tech with special spring systems to allow the unit to travel up and down with the child's movements in order to provide a natural foot strike with each step. Whichever unit fulfills your particular requirements, you'll find that each piece of equipment offered at Preferred Health Choice is of the highest quality available anywhere.

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Wenzelite Nimbo Tyke Walker Nimbo Tyke Walker, KA1200

Wenzelite Nimbo Posterior Walker, Tyke size. Handlebar Height Adjustment 15.5" - 19.5", width between handlebars 13.5". Posterior Walker with 5" wheels. Folds easily.

Our Price: $280.00
Moxi Gait Trainer Moxi Gait Trainer, Tyke Size

Pediatric Gait-Trainer Walker, Tyke size. Use as Anterior or Posterior Walker. Handlebar Height Adjustment 15" - 18.5", width between handlebars 12.5".

Our Price: $860.00
Moxi Junior Gait Trainer Moxi Gait Trainer, Junior Size

Moxi Gait-Trainer Walker, Junior size. Use as Anterior or Posterior Walker. Easy handle height settings 22-25.5".

Our Price: $1,165.00
Moxi Youth Size Gait Trainer Moxi Gait Trainer, Youth Size

Gait-Trainer Walker, Youth size. Use as Anterior or Posterior Walker. Handlebar Height Adjustment 29" - 39", width between handlebars 18".

Our Price: $1,475.00
Nimbo Junior Size Posterior Walker Nimbo Junior Walker, KA2200

Nimbo Posterior Walker, Junior size. Handlebar Height Adjustment 19" - 25", width between handlebars 13.5". Posterior Walker with 5" wheels. Folds easily.

Our Price: $300.00
Wenzelite Nimbo for Youth Nimbo Youth Walker, KA3200

Wenzelite Nimbo Posterior Walker, Youth size. Handlebar Height Adjustment 23" - 30.5", width between handlebars 15". Posterior Walker with 5" wheels. Folds easily.

Our Price: $330.00
Wenzelite Youth Size Posterior Walker Nimbo Young Adult, KA4200

Nimbo Posterior Walker, Young Adult size fits 5'0" - 5'10". Handlebar Height Adjustment 28" - 36", width between handlebars 16.5". With 5" wheels. Folds easily.

Our Price: $350.00
Junior Walker, Junior Glider Walker Junior Glider Walker

Junior Glider Walker has a lightweight aluminum frame with a wide base for added stability. Legs and handles have independent height adjustments. Handles adjust from 22" up to 33" in height.

Our Price: $94.90
Pediatric Walker 10221, Glider Walker Pediatric Glider Walker

Drive Medical 10221 Glider Walker for Pediatric patient.  Red . The Pediatric Glider

Our Price: $94.00
Pediatric Folding Rolling Walker Snug Seat Crocodile Gait Trainer

The Crocodile Gait Trainer for indoor and outdoor use.  The Crocodile is a posterior gait trainer available in two sizes and designed for children from 18 months to 12 years of age.  Lightweight folding child's walker has many accessories and features.

Our Price: $662.00
Pediatric Non-Folding Walker Tyke Non-Folding Pediatric Walker, 07751

The Guardian Tyke Non-Folding Walker is designed to withstand the daily use of an active child. Dual handgrips, front wheels.

Our Price: $134.90
Guardian Children's Walker Guardian Folding Children's Walker

The Guardian Folding Children's Walker comes in 2 sizes and is made of lightweight aluminum.

Our Price: $119.40
Walkers and Gait Trainers for children are available in several styles and sizes from Toddler to Young Adult. Customizable Walkers for Children from Snug Seat, Pacific Rehab, Wenzelite.

Anterior vs. Posterior

Anterior Walker is a standard walker with the frame to the sides and the front of the user.
Posterior Walkers have a frame that goes around the sides and rear of the user. The user is in the center of the walker.

The terms Anterior and Posterior are usually used in conjunction with pediatric walkers for children. Each type has it's advantages. Although walking velocity and cadence on gait analysis show no significant difference between the two walker types, flexion angles of the trunk, hip and knee are lower on the posterior walker. The oxygen consumption rate is also significantly lower with the posterior walker. When tested for children with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, gait analysis data and oxygen consumption measurements indicated that the posterior walker has more advantages in terms of upright positioning and energy conservation than the anterior walker.

Anterior vs. Posterior