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Snug Seat Flamingo Bath Chair

Headrest for Flamingo, Bath Chair

Headrest for Snug Seat Flamingo Bath Chair

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Flamingo Bath Chair Headrest
Product Code: Flamingo-Headrest
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Snug Seat Flamingo Headrest Accessory

This is the "C" shaped Flamingo Bath Chair Headrest. The Flamingo stainless steel swing-away headrest bracket is height, depth, and angle adjustable.

Available in 4 sizes.

Headrest sizesHeadrest Sizes:

Size 1:
A: 4", B: 5.5"
Size 2:A: 6", B: 5.5"
Size 3: A: 4.5", B: 6"
Size 4: A: 5.5", B: 3.5" sides

C: 3.5"

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