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Transfer Sheets

Patient Transfer Sheets

Patient Transfer Sheets

4 Reviews
Patient Transfer Sheets
Product Code: TS30x
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Patient Transfer Sheets

Transfer Sheets are used to reposition patients. Recommend single patient use.

Continuous nylon loop fabric with treated inner surface that assist caregivers with re-positioning tasks.

Glides easily in all directions and significantly reduces friction and force required to move patients.

TS30110, Small, 28.5" x 27.5"
TS30120, Medium, 42.5" x 31.5"
TS30120, Large, 53" x 39.5"

Fabric: Nylon
Color: Blue
Latex Free: No


Average Customer Review:
( 4 )
Thomas Strganac from College Station, TX United States
March 5, 2019
good product
I first used this sliding sheet at a hospital clinic and was pleasantly surprised at the help it provides. Now, we routinely use it for transfers into/out of beds and vehicles. We use it with a transfer board and pad.
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Ed Lucas from Bedias, TX United States
November 26, 2016
Wrong item was sent
Wrong item was sent, description online clearly states that it has handles but the item we received is nothing more than a sleeve which we have no idea how to use so we will be returning.***** REVIEW ADMIN *****Ed - it's not the wrong item...Sorry, but nowhere on our website does it state that it has handles...maybe you read that on some other website?Call customer service if you want to
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Kat from York, ME United States
October 3, 2015
Just what I needed
Getting my elderly mom centered in her bed was a nightly ordeal, and very stressful for her. This sheet is the perfect solution to slide her into position easily. I'm very happy with the quality, and the price.
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Anonymous Person from Sidney, ME United States
September 17, 2015
draw sheet
It is like a tube - 2 layers attached on the sides with no handles to help turn a person who is in bed.
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