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Hoyer Stature Lift

Hoyer Stature Lift, shown w/std. 4-pt. cradle, 500-lb lifting capacity

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Hoyer Stature Lift

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Hoyer Stature Lift is a Power Base Patient Lifter with configurable cradle.
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Hoyer Stature Patient Lift

The Stature Lift is a battery powered patient lifter that can lift patients from the floor, bed, or chair and transfers to higher surfaces. The unique cradle design features 360 degree rotation.

The Stature Lift has a unique lifting mechanism in that it raises/lowers vertically, there is no moving boom as found on other patient lifts. The cradle moves straight up and straight down.

Increased lifting range:
The Stature Lift has one of the largest lifting ranges available, 26.6" - 77.7" and is able to cope with the most demanding handling situations.

500-lb lifting capacity:
With a safe working load of 500 lbs. and a broad lifting range, the Stature Patient Lift is able to cope with the most demanding and technical resident handling situations.

Powered Base:
Powered base opens and closes with the push of a button. The legs on the Hoyer Stature are electrically adjustable for width. The legs can be opened to enable access around armchairs or wheelchairs. For transferring and negotiating narrow doorways and passages the lift legs should be in the closed position. The legs will be locked whenever the hand control switch is released.

Casters and Brakes:
The lift has two braked castors which can be applied for parking. When lifting, the castors should be left free and un-braked. The lift will then be able to move to the center of gravity. If the brakes are applied it is the patient that will swing to the center of gravity and this may prove disconcerting and uncomfortable. Attached to the rear castor is a straight line steering device, which when applied to the castor will facilitate straight line movement.

Raising/Lowering the boom:
The movement of the boom carriage is achieved by a powerful motor gearbox, which is controlled by a simple hand control unit. The hand control has two buttons with directional arrows UP and DOWN. The motor gearbox stops automatically at the limit of travel in both directions. The hand control plugs into a socket at the base of the control box.
SAFETY NOTE– The downward movement of the boom will stop if the lift senses that the patient has encountered an obstruction.

Optional Scale:
Optional digital scale is accurate up to 500-lbs, includes a memory recall button and can be changed to read pounds or kilograms with the push of a button.

Cradle Options:
Standard configuration includes 4-point adjustable position cradle. The optional powered 4-point cradle offers powered tilt and integrated push buttons built right in to the positioning handle.
Stature Cradle Options
Slings for the Stature Lift:
The 4-Point Positioning Cradle requires "clip-on" style slings. It does not work with slings that have straps.
See the Hoyer Professional Clip-On Slings: Hoyer Professional Comfort Sling
Return Policy for Hoyer Patient Lift
This Hoyer Lift is covered by our 30 day return policy. Product must be returned in unused condition in original packaging with all warranty and owner manuals.

If you have questions about this product or need qualified help choosing options please call us at 1-866-722-4581.
See the full Return Policy here: Return Policy
Hoyer Stature Warranty
The Stature lifts are guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of delivery against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service. This warranty includes all mechanical and electrical components.

Structural components on lifts are covered under warranty for a period of five (5) years.

HoyerPro lifts contain various parts that wear from normal use. These parts, such as DC batteries and casters are not covered under the two-year warranty but are covered for 90 days.

Warranty applies in the USA only and item must be purchased through an authorized dealer.
This warranty is not transferable and only applies to the first consumer purchasing the item from an authorized supplier.

Product Features

  • 500 pound lifting capacity meets the need of more patients
  • Optional integrated hand control
  • Self-contained control and power supply
  • 360 degree cradle rotation for superior positioning, bringing staff closer to resident
  • Adaptive positioning cradle
  • Compact, quiet actuator
  • Base clearance of 4.3"
  • Ergonomic, contoured design makes patient transfers simple
  • Floor pick-up capability helps prevent caregiver strain
Specifications: use the Technical Specs Tab above.

Owner Manual

(Adobe® PDF format)

Adaptive Cradle Brochure

(Adobe® PDF format)



Safe Working Load:500 lbs
Maximum Overall Length:54.7"
Minimum Overall Length:50.8"
Maximum Overall Height83.8"
Minimum Overall Height:76.6"
Maximum Height to Attachment Point:4 pt Cradle: 61.0"

6 pt Cradle: 77.1"
Minimum Height to Attachment Point:4 pt Cradle: 15.4"

6 pt Cradle: 26.6"
Turning Radius:61.0"
Legs Open - External Width:53.5"
Legs Open - Internal Width:48.4"
Legs Closed - External Width29.9"
Legs Closed - Internal Width25.1"
Overall Height of Legs4.3"
Ground Clearance1.2"
Front Twin Casters4.0"
Rear Braked Casters4.0"
Electrical Specifications
Battery24vDC rechargeable sealed lead acid type
Battery capacity3.2A Ampere hours
Charger rated input100-240V AC 24 VDC 50/60Hz
Charger rated output29.5 VDC, Max. 19 W
Electric Shock Protection
ChargerClass II
LiftInternal power source
Degree of Shock Protection
ChargerType B


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