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Meywalk Mk4 Gait Trainer

Meywalk Mk4 Medium Size Gait Trainer

Meywalk Mk4 Gait Trainer - Image 1 of 0
Meywalk Mk4 Gait Trainer - Video 2 of 1
Meywalk Mk4 Gait Trainer - Image 1 of 0
Meywalk Mk4 Gait Trainer - Video 2 of 1
Meywalk Mk4 Gait Trainer - Image 1 of 0
Meywalk Mk4 Gait Trainer - Video 2 of 1

Meywalk Mk4 Medium Gait Trainer

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Meywalk Mk4 Medium Gait Trainer
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Child's Gait Trainer Meywalk MK4

from Pacific Rehab

Meywalk mk4 is a walking aid for people with various types of disabilities. Meywalk mk4 separates itself from similar products by being equipped with springs, which stimulate and help to develop the gait pattern of the user. The upper part of the frame is spring suspended and it therefore moves with the user providing optimal support through all of the phases of gait.

The size of Meywalk MK4 is set precisely for each user. All settings are easily altered without the use of tools. With Meywalk mk3 it is possible to change the body posture of the user, which is of great significance for many users suffering from cerebral palsy. By angling the body forward it becomes easier to break a spasticity pattern because gravity now helps to 'push' the user forward - hereby the gait function is stimulated.

Featuring a unique lifting and lowering system, getting in and out of Meywalk MK-IV is very easy. First the seat of Meywalk is lowered to approximately the same height as the seat of a wheelchair. The user then places his or her wheelchair between the rear wheels of Meywalk mk4 so the distance to the seat of Meywalk mk4 is minimized. The user can now with minimal assistance get into the gait trainer and the seat is lifted again.

Meywalk Mk3 Gait Trainer

Quick Specs (Meywalk Mk4):

Axilla Height (chest support height): 39.8" - 52.3"
Seat Height: 23.6" - 33"
Weight Capacity: 285-lbs
Ring Size:
Length: 36.6"
Width: 24.4"
Wheel Size: Front: 7", Rear: 9.75"
Product Weight: 67-lbs
Frame Color: Red
  • Easy adjustment for multiple users
  • Wide growth range
  • Tool free adjustments
  • Dynamic spring action
  • 285 lbs. capacity

Measuring for the Meywalk Mk4 Gait Trainer:

Meywalk Mk3 MeasurementsRequired User Measurements:
1. Axilla height
2. Inseam height
3. User weight

Axilla height allows support under arms.

Inseam height is for the seat support. The seat is like a Bicycle Banana seat that allows the legs and hips to move freely.


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