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Oxygen Cylinders & Accessories

Medical Oxygen Tanks & Accessories for Home Use

If medical oxygen supplementation is part of your daily life, having a device that can eliminate the need for expensive service calls and continual deliveries of your oxygen supplies may be well worth considering. The home oxygen tank supplies and accessories featured in this section include replacement tanks in all different sizes, including: C, D, E, M6, ML6, M9 and more. These are medical oxygen tanks for home medical use, and you'll also find O2 concentrators like the iFill that allow you to fill up your own bottles for portable, on-the-go use.

Other items here include oxygen cylinder storage racks, some for specific-sized bottles, others for a variety.

O2 tanks are shipped unfilled, with and without valves, some with Conserving Devices included for home-fill systems.

If you are unsure of which size oxygen cylinder is best for you:
See Oxygen Cylinder Duration Chart



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O2 Cylinder Physical Sizes

  • E Cylinder: approx length 25"
  • D Cylinder: approx length 17"
  • C Cylinder: approx length 11"
  • M9 Cylinder: approx length 15"
  • M6 Cylinder: approx length 12"
  • M4 Cylinder: approx length 9"

These are approx cylinder lengths. Size may vary slightly by manufacturer.

See also: Oxygen Cylinder Duration Chart