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O2 Conserving Device

SmartDose Conserving Device

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SmartDose Mini Oxygen Conserver

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SmartDose Oxygen Conserver model: CTOX-MN02
For CGA870 Valve
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SmartDose Auto-Adjusting Oxygen Conserver

Drive/Chad model: CTOX-MN02
For: CGA870 valve

The SmartDose® Mini Oxygen Conserver will sense patient breath rate and turn oxygen flow up and down as needed, within seconds.

Auto-adjusting conservers are the future of oxygen therapy, optimizing both patient saturations and maximizing conservation.

The SmartDose Mini+ Gas Conserver gives you the freedom and confidence to live a more active life.

The SmartDose Mini+ Gas Conserver is the only conserver that monitors your breathing patterns and automatically delivers more oxygen when you need it most to help you stay active and saturated.

How SmartDose works:
SmartDose extends the use time from a supply of oxygen by only delivering oxygen during the portions of the breath that put the gas into the lungs. SmartDose delivers a volume of oxygen on each breath, right at the start of inhalation. It delivers the full dose (bolus) of oxygen within 2/3 of the inhale cycle. By doing so, it is not delivering oxygen at the end of inhalation or during exhalation, as other devices do.

The normal volume of oxygen that SmartDose delivers is 16 ml per setting, so that a setting of 2 delivers 32 ml of oxygen on each breath, in the first 2/3 of the inhale cycle.

SmartDose monitors a patient’s breathing patterns and automatically turns up the oxygen volume by one setting (SportDose 1) during exertion, and if breath rate continues to rise, by another setting (SportDose 2). Many patients turn their settings up and down throughout the day, but this self administered approach is inconsistent and by the time most patients feel the need to turn it up, their oxygen levels have already dropped. SmartDose responds more quickly and consistently. SmartDose recognizes when exertion stops and lowers the volume back down to normal levels thus saving oxygen.

SmartDose also uses a multi-valve system that has multiple delivery flow rates. The unit can deliver a volume at two flow choices. The unit constantly monitors the patient’s breath rate and determines the lowest flow option to “fit” the oxygen into the first 2/3 of the inhalation cycle. By delivering at lower flows, the unit is more comfortable, and quieter than units that deliver at higher flows all the time.

Product Features

  • Designed for CGA 870 valves
  • Continuously monitors breathing patterns and adjusts dosing to match activity level at every breath
  • Achieves maximum conservation efficiency by automatically adjusting the dose down at lower activity levels
  • Liter flow increments: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 plus CF present @ 2 LPM
  • Operating pressure range: 500 – 3000 PSI
  • Weighs just 15.5 ounces with batteries
  • Delivers a quiet, gentle dose of oxygen in an efficient and compact design
  • Can use 2 AA Alkaline or 2 AA rechargeable batteries for a duration of about one year for most patients.
  • Fits virtually in any carry bag
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

SmartDose Assembly

PDF SmartDose Owners Manual, (opens in new window)


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Ruth L Yung from Middleburgh, NY United States
June 25, 2016
ordering & shipping
Courteous and fast by all who I had to do business with. Shipping very speedy.
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