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Salter Labs 160TLC Cannulas

Oxygen Cannulas w/Foam Ear Cushion, Salter TL Cannula

Salter Labs Clear Cannula w/Ear Cushions

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Salter Labs TL Cannula w/Foam Ear Cushions.
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Product Code: SAL-1600TLC
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Cannula w/Ear Cushions TLCannula

Cs/25, 7-foot tubing, for oxygen flows up to 6 LPM.

With pre-installed E-Z Wrap™ to prevent ear chafing.

All TLCannulas incorporate the patented features common to all Salter-Style cannulas. Over the years our cannulas have earned customer acclaim as an industry standard for long term “wearability comfort”. The gray colored, closed-cell foam cushions on TLC models are permanently installed on the cannula tubing. The foam cushions slide easily on the head set tubing to achieve the most comfortable fit and to diminish chafing and tissue injury over the ear.

A Salter-Style Cannula setting a NEW STANDARD in patient comfort and convenience for long term oxygen therapy (LTOT) patients. Available in several popular Salter-Style oxygen delivery models.

The TLCannulas are assembled with gray colored, closed cell, soft foam cushions placed over the cannula headset tubes. The cushions provide a new dimension of comfort for sensitive “over the ear” tissue.

  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • No assembly is required, means time savings for the care provider and the cushions will not fall off
  • Easy for patient to reposition for the most comfortable and secure fit
  • Provides a more “natural” fit, and reduces patient anxiety
  • Provides maximum comfort for the LTOT patient using either a dual port, portable or stationary conserving device
  • Flows up to 6LPM
  • Clear Cannula with Foam Cushion, and 7' Supply Tubing
  • Anatomically shaped with soft, curved nasal prongs.
  • Soft curved face piece molds to fit the upper lip
  • Long-Term wearability comfort
  • Latex Free

1600TLC...A unique, patented design which sets the standard for comfort. All Salter-Style cannulas are anatomically shaped with soft, curved nasal prongs.

Salter Labs TL CannulaFully adjustable for maximum comfort by sliding back and forth on cannula head tubing for optimum fit.

Variety of uses. . . Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facility, Clinics, Homecare, Assisted Living, Extended Care.


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