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Non-Flared Cannula without tubing, Salter 1057

Salter, 1057, nasal, cannula, cannulas

Salter Labs Non-Flared Cannula, No Tubing

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Salter Labs Oxygen Cannulas, Non-Flared without supply line.
Product Code: SAL-1057
  • Note: Non-Returnable Product

Non-Flared Cannula Without Tubing


The Original Salter-Style Cannula is for oxygen flows up to 6 LPM. The clear, lightweight adult cannula is made with the Salter- Style manufacturing process, producing a soft, anatomically designed, one piece, seamless cannula that is comfortable to wear.

Conventional cannula with non-flared tips. Made of soft material. Adjustable tubing fits comfortably over the ears to hold the cannula firmly in place.

No Tubing - you must provide the tubing from Oxygen Concentrator to Cannula.

Wrap around, “Anti-Roll” Feature
Works with the anatomy rather than against it...A Salter Innovation.


* Eliminates flap or ridge which can cause irritation
* Improved anatomical fit for increased comfort
* Secure positioning
* Uninterrupted flow of oxygen
* Better comfort for long-term use
* Latex Free
  • Non-flared Cannula without tubing
  • Anatomically curved to fit upper lip
  • Curved, tapered nasal prongs
  • Over-the-ear style headset
  • Soft, lightweight, clear material

This same Non-Flared Cannula is also available with 7' Tubing attached: Salter Labs 1053 Cannula


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