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Non-Flared Oxygen Cannulas, 7' tubing

Salter Labs Non-Flared Oxygen Cannula, w/7' tubing

Salter Labs Cannula w/7' Tubing, Non-Flared

2 Reviews
Salter Labs 1053 Oxygen Cannula
Non-Flared w/7' tubing
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Product Code: SAL-1053
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Non-Flared Cannula

Cs/50, Conventional cannula with 7' supply line.

The Original Salter-Style Cannula is for oxygen flows up to 6 LPM. The clear, lightweight adult cannula is made with the Salter- Style manufacturing process, producing a soft, anatomically designed, one piece, seamless cannula that is comfortable to wear.

Conventional cannula with non-flared tips. Made of soft material. Adjustable tubing fits comfortably over the ears to hold the cannula firmly in place. Provided with standard smooth bore tubing in 7' lengths.

Wrap around, “Anti-Roll” Feature
Works with the anatomy rather than against it...A Salter Innovation.

  • Eliminates flap or ridge which can cause irritation
  • Improved anatomical fit for increased comfort
  • Secure positioning
  • Uninterrupted flow of oxygen
  • Better comfort for long-term use
  • Latex Free
  • Non-flared cannula with 7" tubing
  • Anatomically curved to fit upper lip
  • Curved, tapered nasal prongs
  • Over-the-ear style headset
  • Three-channel safety tubing
  • Soft, lightweight, clear material


Average Customer Review:
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Harrell Dunlap from Orlando, FL United States
January 15, 2016
Cannulas for XP02
Tubing is not sturdy.....bends very easily andyou have to watch that it doesn't get bentand stop receiving 02.Delivery was speedy.
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