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Nasal Cannula

These nasal cannulas can be used in hospital, hospice, nursing home and home care environments.

Find a Cannula made of soft comfortable non-latex material. Adjustable tubing fits comfortably over the ears to hold the cannula firmly in place. Provided with conventional smooth or high-flow bore tubing lengths from 4' all the way up to 50' lengths.

Almost everyone should purchase by the Case:
You don't want to use the same cannula forever. All manner of nasty stuff builds up over time, all the way through the tubing. Someone using Oxygen at night only (during sleeping hours) can usually go a couple weeks before connecting a new cannula. For those using Oxygen full-time (24x7), a week is a long time on a single cannula, so keep an eye on it's cleanliness.

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John Bunn Nasal Cannula John Bunn Nasal Cannula w/4',7',25',50' Tubing, Case

John Bunn Cannulas - Adult Softie with Clear Nares. Over the ear style nasal cannulas with assorted tube lengths (4' - 50'). Sold by the case.

Our Price: $54.70
Cannula TENDER GRIPS Salter Labs - Tender Grips, Adult Size, 1005

Salter Labs model 1005 TENDER GRIPS Skin Fixation System, Adult size, designed specifically to hold cannula tubing in place. Case of 25.

Our Price: $50.90
Oxygen Cannula Grip, Infant size Tender Grip Salter Labs - Infant Tender Grips (10PR/CS)

Salter Labs - INFANT TENDER GRIP.  10 pair per case

Our Price: $56.25
Newborn-size Tender Grips for Oxygen Cannulas Salter Labs - Newborn Tender Grips (10/CS)

Salter Labs - NEWBORN TENDER GRIP, 10 pair per case

Our Price: $43.70
Oxygen Cannula E-Z Wraps, Salter 1016 Salter Labs - E-Z WRAPS - 50Cs

Salter Labs E-Z Wraps provide ear protection for continuous cannula use. 50 pair per case

Our Price: $50.69
Non-Flared Oxygen Cannulas, 7' tubing Salter Labs - Cannula w/7' Tubing, non-flared, 50cs

Salter Labs model 1053, NON-FLARED CANNULA 7' TUBING, case of 50

Our Price: $47.39
Salter Labs Cannula w/7' Tubing Salter Labs - Smooth Bore Cannula w/7Ft Tubing

Salter Labs 1056 SMOOTH BORE CANNULA W/7FT TUBING - case of 50

Our Price: $46.70
Non-Flared Cannula without tubing, Salter 1057 Salter Labs - Non-Flared Cannula W/O Tubing - 50Cs

Salter Labs - NON-FLARED CANNULA W/O TUBING, case of 50

Our Price: $39.20
Adult Oxygen Cannulas Salter Labs - Adult Cannula w/25' Tubing - 25Cs

Salter Labs model 1600 ADULT CANNULA W/25' TUBING, case of 25. Cannula is anatomically curved to fit upper lip.

Our Price: $71.50
Adult-Size Oxygen Cannulas Salter Labs - Adult Cannula W/50 FT Tubing - 20Cs

Salter Labs ADULT CANNULA W/50 FT SUPPLY TUBE, case of 20

Our Price: $97.80
Salter Labs High-Flow Cannulas Salter Labs - High Flow Nasal Cannula w/7 FT Tubing

Salter Labs - HIGH FLOW NASAL CANNULA W/7 FT TUBING, buy 3-pack or case of 25.  At last...a way to maintain adequate oxygen saturation for those special high flow patients without using a mask.

Our Price: $96.00
Salter Labs 160TLC Cannulas Salter Labs - Clear Cannula w/Foam Cushion (25 cs.)

Salter Labs - CLEAR CANNULA W/FOAM CUSHION Sold by case, 25 per case.

Our Price: $69.90
As with any oxygen delivery modality, it is recommended that individual patients be tested to titrate dosing and determine suitable flow rates to sustain desired oxygen saturation levels. Patients receiving high flow oxygen should be monitored regularly or continuously for appropriate oxygen saturation levels.

Cannulas for Oxygen Concentrators and Oxygen Cylinders.