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Heavy-Duty Medical Air Compressors

Continuous Duty Compressors for Home Care, Doctor's Office and Hospitals.

Efficiently administer medication such as Albuterol with these high-performance Compressors.

The full selection of high-quality Nebulizer compressors for sale here at PHC Online includes units from top-name manufacturers such as DeVilbiss, CHAD, Probasics, Invacare and more. Your choice of a heavy-duty medical air compressor such as the models shown here gives you the capability of using the machine continuously, 24/7. Continuous, low-noise and efficient operation is ideal for use at home or in a medical environment such as a physician's office or hospital.

The Invacare MOBILEAIRE 50, our most economical offering here, flows at up to 50 psi, which is what's needed for proper-sized particulate delivered from an aerosol therapy compressor for nebulizer use. Some of our other compressor nebulizer machine models can deliver higher flow rates, and all are adjustable. The John Bunn BA 400A provides up to 35 liters per minute at up to 100 psi. It's quiet and compact and can be used with most aerosol generators and mist tents.

Caution: Purchase of a Nebulizer Compressor requires a physician's written prescription. Fax your Rx to 702-666-9018. Clinics fax copy of medical/physician's license.



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    Probasics50 PSI Compressor
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    Probasics 50 PSI Nebulizer Compressor can be used 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
    Chad 50 PSI Compressor
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    50 PSI Compressor - efficient, continuous high pressure performance. Home and hospital use with most makes of aerosol generators.
Professional-Grade Compressors for physician's office and home care.