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Medical Recliners

Medical Recliners

See our catalogs for the best Reclining Lift Chairs, Geri Chairs and Reclining Wheelchair.

Lift Chair Recliners

Anyone needing assistance getting up from a chair will appreciate a Power Lift Chair. At the push of a button these chairs bring the user to a full standing position. And of course they are comfortable recliners that quickly become the favorite spot for watching TV, napping & snoozing. Ideal for people with Arthritis.

Clinical Recliners

Geri-Chairs work both in home environments and clinical settings. Most offer reclining back and an ottoman that raises/lowers the legs. Available in several seating styles, colors and functions. The Clinical Recliner, or Geri-Chair, offers an ideal place where a patient can get out of bed for a while, socialize, or just watch TV. (Geriatric Chairs & Clinical Recliners)

Reclining Wheelchairs

Changing the back angle, or reclining the back, solves pressure distribution issues. The Recliner Wheelchair also provides infinite comfort settings for the patient. Available in several styles and include Elevating Legrests so your legs/feet can be raised while in the recline position.