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Measure for Rollator

Measure for Rollator Walker

How to measure for Rollator Walker

Stand behind the rollator with your arms and hands hanging at your sides and both feet in line with the rear wheels. Adjust the height of the walker handles so that they are even with your hip joint. When you stand straight and grip the handles, your arms should be slightly bent at your elbows (approx 20 to 30 degrees). Keep in mind this is a "general measurement" since there are all kinds of users. Most rollators have a 4"-6" handle adjustment. Junior Rollators work well for users 4" 8" up to 5'2" and have a 250lb-300lb weight capacity. Standard Adult-size rollators work for 5'3" up to 5'11". Tall Rollators will fit 5'11" - 6'4". Some rollators offer Tall handlebar extensions if needed.

Seat sizes range from 13" to 18" for Standard Adult sizes and up to 22" for heavy-Duty and even wider for Bariatric Rollator.

Rollator Wheel Size

Almost any style rollator is available with either 6" or 8" wheels. Both wheel sizes work indoors and as well as outdoors. Common sense says that the 8" will always work better for a mover-and-shaker. The greater the wheel diameter the less revolutions it turns, and as a result, less vibration is transmitted through the frame, and common thresholds in doorways are not a problem.

6" work well for Petite users 5'2" or shorter.

You'll look silly if you are 6' tall and use little-bitty wheels!

6" work for users indoors most of the time.
8" work best for daily outdoor usage.

6" wheels for Sunday-Drivers.
8" wheels for Movers-and-Shakers.

Rollator Seats

Padded Seats:
Some are padded better than others. Lower priced rollators that include a padded seat are usually composed of a board, a piece of foam, some Naugahyde, and a staple gun. Quality products like the Nova Cruiser Deluxe Rollator have a molded seat with a nice removable foam cushion.

Seat to floor heights are posted in each rollator's Description page or Specifications tab. Higher seats are usually easier to get in to or out of. About 20" works for most users. Some rollators have adjustable seat heights.

Seat Size:
Seat widths range from 13" to 18" for Standard Adult sizes and up to 22" for heavy-Duty and even wider for Bariatric rollators.

Rollators Shipped Assembled

Rollators are shipped assembled. Handlebars and removable backrests are removed for shipping and must be re-attached. All brakes and cables are fully installed. No tools required to attach handlebars which need to be set to user height/comfort. Removable Backrests snap into position.

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