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Mattress Overlay

Mattress Overlay Systems

Overlays can be used on any bed. Just choose the appropriate size. Types of Overlays available include simple air cell design, GEL/FOAM design and pump driven pads capable of providing moderate alternating pressure or pulsating therapy.

Overlays are placed on top of an existing mattress and have a nylon, fluid-resistant, vapor permeable cover and durable vinyl bottom. Our Invacare® Gel Overlay has horizontal bladders that run across the mattress to provide pressure redistribution and prevent the migration of Gel. In addition, there is a layer of foam on top of the gel bladders that is convoluted.



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    Combination Gel-Foam Hospital Bed Mattress Overlay
    Gel Foam Mattress Overlays are designed for optimal prevention and treatment of pressure sores. This combination has a foam base with Gel surface. Available in 36" and 42" widths x 76" length.
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    Gel-Foam Overlay
    Gel Foam Overlays measures 36" wide, 80" and 84" Lenghts, 275 lbs. capacity. Skin protection and prevents skin ulcers.


    Geo-Matt Therapeutic Foam Overlay
    Geo-Matt foam topper is a high density, medical grade foam with unique geometric design consisting of over 800 individual cells. Available in one size only: 34"W x 72"L.
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    Gel-Foam Bariatric Overlay
    Bariatric Gel Foam Overlays measures 42"W x 80"L x 4"H and has 400 lbs. capacity. Skin protection and prevents skin ulcers.
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    ROHO Prodigy Mattress Overlay System
    ROHO Prodigy Mattress is an Overlay System: Non-powered mattress overlay designed for individuals who are at risk for skin breakdown. Most recommended by physicians. 35"W x 80"L.
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    Med-Aire Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay
    Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss therapy in one overlay system. Twenty horizontally configured 5-inch bladders. 350-lbs weight capacity. Cost effective overlay system with 8 LPM compressor that offers pressure relief. 36"W x 80"L.
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    ROHO SOFFLEX 2 Mattress Overlay
    ROHO SOFFLEX 2 Mattress is a Non-Powered Overlay System designed for individuals who are at risk for skin breakdown or have any stage ulcer. Overlay fits hospital bed and home care beds. 36"W x 80"L.
    ROHO Dry Floatation Mattress System
    ROHO Dry Floatation System solves the biggest skin problems. No electrical connection, nothing to malfunction. Conforms to patient's body. The ultimate in Dry Floatation systems. 34"W x 80"L.
    ROHO Low Air Loss Mattress System
    ROHO HybridSelect™ Low Air Loss Mattress Overlay System with HealFloat. HybridSelect with HealFloat combines the power of the SelectAir Low-Air-Loss system with the ultimate skin protection of a ROHO HIGH PROFILE Cushion in the heel area to create an optimal environment for skin healing and protection. 36"W x 80"L.

Hospital Bed Mattress Supply

Our Support Surface catalog offers a wide array of mattress pads, air mattress, low-air-loss, alternating pressure and lateral-turning mattress systems. Individuals needing long-term support with therapy to prevent skin ulcers, or are currently fighting the redness that comes from being bed-bound, or treating existing skin ulcers and bed sores, our Support Surface Catalog offers products for both Group I and Group II therapeutic support system categories.

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