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Hydraulic Patient Hoists for Lift & Transfer

Manual Patient Lifts are powered by a hand pump that operates the hydraulic cylinder that works to hoist the individual. When choosing a hydraulic lift for patient transfer, it is important to select the ideal Hoyer lift and sling combination for that particular application. The models we have available in our inventory feature several different lift and sling options so you can ensure a patientís comfort and safe transfer while considering their condition.
A Manual Patient Lift uses a hydraulic pump to raise/lower a patient for transfers between beds, seated surfaces or lift a patient from the floor. Hydraulics make the lifting/pumping process easy. The patient is slowly lowered by turning a bleeder screw located on the hydraulic pump.
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Invacare Patient Lift model 9805 Invacare Hydraulic Patient Lift 9805

Easily lifts patient from the floor, transfer from bed to chair, chair to commode. Safe Patient transfers made easy, use chains or slings with straps.

Our Price: $508.99

Lumex Patient Lift Lumex Hydraulic Patient Lift LF1030, LF1031

Available in blue powder-coated frame or black/silver hammertone. Dependable Homecare Lift at an affordable price. Use slings with straps.

Our Price: $524.99

Deluxe Patient  Lift model 13023SV Drive 6-Point Patient Lift

Steel construction, choose 3" or 5" casters, adjustable width base. Use chains or slings with straps. 450 lbs. capacity.

Our Price: $528.99

Medline Manual Patient Lift Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift

Dependable Homecare Lift at an affordable price. Large 6-point sling hook-up prevents pinching the patient. Use slings with straps.

Our Price: $574.99
Drive Medical Hydraulic Patient Lift Deluxe Chrome Patient Lift, Hydraulic

6-point cradle works with 4 point or 6 point slings. Can lift from the floor. Use chains or slings with straps. Includes chains.

Our Price: $599.99

Medline Manual Patient Lift Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift

Medline Manual Patient Lift has large 6-point cradle and 400 lbs. capacity. Use slings with straps.

Our Price: $624.50
Genesis Hydraulic Patient Lift Genesis Hydraulic Patient Lift PL400H

Easy to use hydraulic lift. 6-point Lift uses slings with straps. Lifts patient from floor, bed or any seated surface.

Our Price: $678.99

Hoyer Lift HML-400 Hoyer Hydraulic Patient Lifter HML400

Hoyer's top manual patient lift. Constructed with patient comfort in mind, features an angular design with a non-sway cradle for extra stability. Use any sling.

Our Price: $898.99

Hoyer Lift model C-HLA Classic Hoyer Lift C-HLA

The original Hoyer Classic has proven to be a durable lifter that has assisted patient transferring for over forty years. Use with chains or slings with straps.

Our Price: $959.99

Hoyer Lift model C-HLA-2 Hoyer 6 Point Hydraulic Lift C-HLA-2

Traditional chrome finish that upholds lifter appearance and a 6-point cradle that accommodates 4 or 6-point slings.

Our Price: $989.99

Hoyer Hydraulic Lift w/Tall Mast model C-HLA-2T Hoyer Hydraulic Lift, Tall Mast

Features an 8" taller mast for higher lift clearance, traditional chrome finish, 6-point cradle that accommodates any slings with straps or chains.

Our Price: $1,064.99

Hoyer Lift model C-CB-L2 Hoyer Hydraulic Lift with C-Base

Easy to maneuver, easy to load from the side, the C-CB-L2 is open on one side. Features 6-point cradle that accommodates 4-point, 6-point and traditional slings with straps.

Our Price: $1,314.99
Advance Portable Hoyer Lift Hoyer Advance Portable Patient Lift

Easy to fold Portable Hoyer Lift is ideal for trips out of town. Convenient.
ADVANCE-H Hydraulic: $1399.00
ADVANCE-E, Powered: $2799.00

Our Price: $1,399.00


Patient Lifts & Slings

For patients living with limited mobility, it can be a challenging task to get them out of bed, much less move them from room to room or have something that offers enough stability when in the bathroom. Manual hydraulic patient lifts are ideal for lifting and transferring patients from bed to chair, chair to bed, from the floor and in just about any other scenario they may face. Not only are they one of the safest ways of transport, but they are built to be easily operable no matter the patientís weight.

Don't overlook the importance of choosing the right sling for the job. The best, most expensive lift on the market won't be of much use if the sling is wrong. A U-sling is by far the easiest type to use and generally the most efficient and most versatile. However, the u-sling is not for everyone. Some patients will require the more cumbersome hammock style slings. Call customer service if you are unsure of which lift/sling combination will work best for you.

When youíre shopping for manual hydraulic lifts for those with limited mobility, turn to PHC Online. We are proud to offer sturdy, quality manual lifts that are ideal for transferring patients throughout the home.

How to use a Hoyer Lift
How to use a Hoyer Sling