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Splash Bath Lift

Lumex Splash Bath Lift, model 5033A

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Lumex Splash Bath Lift

1 Reviews
Lumex Splash Bath Lift is a Battery Powered Tub Lift

California Prop 65 Warning

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Lumex Splash Reclining Bath Lift

Lumex model: 5033A-1

The Splash Bath Lift is a lightweight, affordable bath lift with all the basic elements needed to safely lower and raise the user in the bath tub.

The Splash bath lift has been designed to offer exceptional value at a great price.

Weighing only 14.3 lbs, the Splash Bath Lift is the lightest battery-powered bath lift available. The suction cup feet have easy release tabs for releasing the suction cup from the tub floor.

Splash has a 280-lb weight capacity.

Rechargeable Battery - Hand Control System:
The rechargeable battery is located within the hand pendant/control and recharges in about 4 hours. The battery slides in/out of the hand pendant and is charged with an offboard/external charger unit supplied with the lift. For added safety, when the battery power is low the lift will not operate until charged, this safety feature prevents the lift from lowering the patient and not being able to lift back to the top of tub.

Battery Charging:
When the battery has been fully charged, the red light on the charger box turns to a constant green light, which indicates the battery is ready for use. We recommend charging the battery after each bath whenever possible and leaving it on charge until your next bath. The battery cannot be overcharged. A typical charge last 7-10 days.

  • Fixed back design optimizes legroom by allowing Splash to fit close to the back of a tub
  • Low seat travel maximizes water immersion for improved personal hygiene
  • Smooth movement and solid, stable design offers a safe bathing experience
  • Slim remote with large hand controls for easy operation can be easily operated by users with small hands and/or limited dexterity
  • Battery level indicator with Stop Descent feature monitors battery power, preventing descent when low
  • Simple to clean surfaces with limited crevices
  • Trim and lightweight for easy moving and handling
  • Total weight of only 14.3 lbs Offers quick and uncomplicated fitting and removal from the bath in one complete unit
  • Ultra-compact design provides ultimate ease of carrying
  • Can be stored in even the smallest of spaces
  • Subtle, unimposing, and unobtrusive design blends discreetly into any bathroom environment
  • Barely noticeable when stored in its lowest position in the bath
  • Slim and Modern look provides a fresh, non medical appearance in the home
  • One year limited warranty

Seat Width: 13"
Flap Width: 6.9"
Total Width: 26.8"
Total Height: 22.8"
Seat Depth: 13.4"
Total Depth: 20.1"
Total Product Weight: 14.3-lbs

Seat Height Information:
The seat lowers to 2.76" from the bottom of the tub, of course you can stop it anywhere during lowering. The seat also raises to a maximum of 18.11" and can be stopped anywhere during the rise process.

User Manual:

PDFSplash Tub Lift Owner's Manual

Seat Measurements

Additional photos:

Splash Front-Rear Views

Splash Installation

California Prop 65 Warning


Average Customer Review:
( 1 )
Irene F. from Ft. Worth TX
January 8, 2018
Excellent Product
I chose this lift because it has the extra flaps on the sides of the seat. It is very easy to use every day. I recommend it for help getting in and out of the tub.
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