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Slings for Patient Lifts

Patient lift slings, or hoist slings, are indispensable items in many hospitals or home/medical environments, allowing caregivers to give patient support that's safe, comfortable and manageable. We carry a complete selection of Hoyer Lift Slings but also stock a complement of slings from Invacare, BestCare, Drive and Lumex.

These slings are an essential part of any lift, whether you're using a stand-up, sit to stand or stand assist lift. They come in many different configurations, materials, colors and styles, and it's important to obtain the correct sling for each lift or particular patient need. You may need a hammock sling, commode sling, mesh bath sling, padded sling with or without head support, with different design features like solid, non-mesh, extra weight capacity, etc.

Slings attach to lifts with adjustable straps, metal chains or sewn-in, reinforced fabric loops. All of our medical sling products are durably made to resist deterioration due to use, exposure or cleaning. If you're unsure about which exact sling best suits your requirements, take a look at our handy sling guide found here or simply give us a call!
Patient Lift Slings work in conjunction with the Lift to support the patient during lifting and transferring procedures. Choosing the appropriate sling is vital to safe and efficient patient transfers.



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Lift Slings

Slings attach to the lift by using either sewn-in loop straps, chains or adjustable straps. Slings are adjustable. They are interchangeable with any Invacare patient lift. Each sling offers reinforcing at each hook-on point to ensure patient safety.

Each sling is constructed of durable materials which resist deterioration from exposure to moisture or laundering.

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