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Invacare Hanger Bar Conversion Kit

Invacare model: 1143629

Invacare Hanger Bar Retro Kit, 1143629

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Invacare Hanger Bar Conversion Kit
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Product Code: Invacare_1143629
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Optional Hanger Pin

Invacare Hanger Bar Retro Kit

Reliant Swivel Bar Kit is retro-fitable to older lift models and can be used on the Invacare Model 9805 Hydraulic Lift.

Hanger Bar Pin 1064339 is required if Invacare Digital Scale is NOT being installed. (This pin is included with Digital Scale RLS6).

This Invacare product ships from Mexico warehouse and has a 5-7 day lead-time.
  • Accommodates all slings from webbing to chain-style.
  • Accommodates digital scale, Model no. RLS6 (sold separately)
  • Covered with protective padding

When using the RLS6 Scale on the 9805/9805P Lift, a Reliant Hanger Bar Retrofit Kit is required. The correct hanger pin is supplied with the RLS6 Scale. When using a Reliant hanger bar on the 9805P Lifts, without the RLS6 scale, the Reliant Hanger Pin is also required, Part No. 1064339


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