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Lift Chair Recliners

Lift Chairs provide a fully motorized Recline and Lift into a standing position. The ideal solution for individuals that have difficulty getting up from a chair, or cannot get up without assistance. Perfect for people with Arthritis of the hip or knee.


Functional Positioning

If you or a loved one is having trouble standing up from or sitting down into your favorite chair, the fact is you may want to think about getting a new favorite chair. The riser recliner chairs you see here, also known as power lift chairs, are fantastic! Not only are they fully functional and comfortable like a typical Lazy-Boy, but they have the capability of lifting you up from a complete sitting to standing position without experiencing pain or requiring assistance.

Once seated, a lift recliner allows you to recline just like a regular lounger. Some are two-position, three-position or infinite, allowing you the complete range and luxury from standing to lying down and everything in between. A medical lift chair, like those offered here, will make a huge difference in the comfort you obtain while reading, watching TV, snoozing or doing whatever you like while taking it easy. We offer the very best lift chairs for sale anywhere. Take a look.

How to Shop for a Lift Chair:

All Lift Chairs provide a full Lift Function that will Lift the user to a standing position. The main differences between Lift Chair models is the Recline Function:
  • 2-Position Chairs have a limited recline, usually 40-45 degrees or a TV watching position, and the Ottoman rises as the chair reclines
  • 3-Position Chairs recline, like a Lazy-Boy, almost flat, and the Ottoman rises as the chair reclines
  • Infinite-Position Chairs recline to a flat position (Sleeper) and have separate controls for Recline and Ottoman
  • Zero-Gravity Chairs offer the benefits of the Infinite chair in addition to the weightless features of the zero-gravity chair
  • Learn about 2-Position, 3-Position and Infinite Lift Chair Positions Explained