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Lift Chair Parts

Pride Lift Chair Replacement Parts

We carry the complete catalog of Pride Lift Chair Parts. Be aware of your chair's serial number, it is always required to find or purchase lift chair parts. Over the years parts like hand-controls, power transformers and lift motors may change. We need your lift chair's serial number to verify each part ordered.

Find the serial number on the rear frame of the chair by lifting the fabric/velcro skirt and locating the manufacture tag with serial number plainly printed. If the manufacture's tag is not located on one of the rear legs, turn the chair on it's side and inspect the metal or wood frame for tag with manufacture's name, model number and serial number.



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Troubleshooting Your Lift Chair


What if my lift chair does not operate at all?
  1. Ensure the external transformer is plugged into a properly wired electrical outlet.
  2. Check the circuit breaker box connected to the electrical outlet to ensure the outlet is receiving power.
  3. Ensure the low voltage connection cable is plugged into the external transformer.
  4. Ensure that all cables are connected properly.
What if my lift chair operates in one direction only?
  1. Check the up and down buttons or toggle switch on the hand control to make sure they do not stick.
  2. If the buttons or switch are sticking in either position, the hand control may need to be replaced.
What if my lift chair stops during a lifting cycle?
  1. Your lift chair is equipped with an internal thermal shutoff switch located inside the external transformer that prevents the motor control box from overheating. If the thermal shutoff activates, allow the lift chair to remain in a stationary position for 10 minutes to allow the motor to cool, then resume normal operation.
  2. There may have been a power failure and/or there are no batteries in the external transformer or the batteries have no charge. Always make sure there are fresh 9V batteries in the external transformer if equipped with battery backup.
  3. Check the circuit breaker box connected to the electrical outlet to ensure the outlet is receiving power.

Need help troubleshooting Pride Lift Chair problems? Customer Service can help diagnose most Lift Chair fail points and make recommendations for the next step. Grab your chair's serial number and call 1-866-722-4581. You can also submit an email Trouble Ticket for a quick response from one of our technicians.

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