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Lift Chair Options

Lift Chair Heat and Massage Options:Adding Heat & Massage will delay shipment of your chair by approx. 3-weeks.

Pride Mobility offers Heat & Massage on their lift chairs:
  • Standard Heat & Massage - Located in seat back only (lumbar area) and has a simple on/off switch and an automatic turn-off timer. This new Heat & Massage unit has a bigger pad (coverage area) and 3 settings for heat - low, medium and high. Heat range is from 95-111 degrees and has a 20 minute automatic shut-off.
  • Massage is located in the back and has 3 settings: wave, pulse and vibrate.

Golden Technologies offers the Heat & Massage option on their Lift Chairs in the lower back and seat.

Placement of the heating elements and massage units depends on the chair (Back) type. Pillow backs have the heating element in the lower (pillow) on pillow type backs and in each side pillow of a Split-Back design chair. Massage units are from the head area down to the lumbar and in the seat and of leg area of deluxe feature chairs. See diagram 1-3 below.

Hand Pendants have additional buttons for the respective features.

Typical (standard) Heat and Massage feature:

Standard Heat and Massage Option diagram

diagram 1

Alternate Deluxe Heat and Massage feature:

Alternate Deluxe Heat and Massage

This Split-Back design has heat/massage units in each back pillow.

diagram 2

Lift Chair Heat & Massage controls:

Heat and Massage controls are located on the main hand control pendant. Separate switches for recline/ottoman, heat, massage.

Heat and Massage Hand Control

diagram 3

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