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microAIR MA95Z Rotational Mattress

Invacare MA95Z Lateral Rotation Mattress, with True Low-Air-Loss

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microAIR MA95Z Rotational Mattress - Image 1 of 0
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microAir MA95Z Lateral Rotation Mattress

6 Reviews
Invacare MA95Z Lateral Rotation Mattress with True Low-Air-Loss

Replaced with MA900

Product Code: Invacare-MA95Z
Discontinued Product

microAir MA95Z Mattress

Alternating Rotation and Pressure with True Low Air Loss - Fully Programmable Mattress System.The MA95 features a Menu driven Control Panel for easy first time setup that will have you up-and-running quickly. The Blower on this unit exceeds 1200 Liters Per Minute of air through the mattress for True Low-Air-Loss providing the ultimate in skin protection.

The ma95Z performs automatic patient rotation throughout the night or day eliminating manual turning by caregivers. Lateral Rotation turns patient to in any direction to a preset angle for preset period of time. The mattress uses a menu driven system that is easy to follow and provides an array of functions including soft/firm button for patient comfort settings. The Control Panel is menu driven, steps you through the setup process, and allows quick modifications so the system can be customized to individual patient needs. Set it to rotate to either side, at any interval, for any period of time.

This is an aggressive prevention and healing mattress and includes True Low-Air-Loss, the preferred therapy for preventing and treating skin issues:
  • Therapeutic mattress for Stage III and IV, or multiple Stage II pressure ulcers
  • The MA95Z Mattress System is also used for patients with pulmonary disorders
What advantage is this product?
The advantage of this type of system is the elimination of a caregiver needing to turn or rotate the patient every couple hours and eliminating the use of pillows and wedges to reposition the patient.Pressure redistribution is key to both prevention and treatment of skin breakdown:
  • Patients incapable of moving themselves periodically are at high-risk of developing skin issues
  • A patient with existing skin breakdown must be repositioned often not only to redistribute weight and pressure points, but to also improve blood flow to injured areas
The MA95Z Rotational Mattress is the most powerful healing tool for prevention and treatment of skin breakdown.

The MA95Z offers all 3 therapies:
  1. Lateral Rotation
  2. True Low-Air-Loss
  3. Pulse

Powerful Therapy:
MA95Z uses a high-powered 1275 LPM blower to provide True-Low-

This MA95Z Series Lateral Rotation Mattress has replaced the Invacare Turn-Q Mattress system.

Compare the Invacare MA95Z to the MA90Z:

Lateral Rotation Angleup to 30 degreesup to 45 degrees
Low Air Losson demandfull-time Programmable
Low Air Loss Comp/Blower50 LPM Compressor1275 LPM Blower
Alternating Pressure10, 20, 30, 60 minutesFully Programmable
Therapy time setting10, 20, 30, 60 minutesFully Programmable
Mattress Height10"10"
Side Bolsters12"15"
Stays inflated if power lossYESNO

Sizes Available:
  • MA95Z Standard 36W" x 80L" size with 350-lbs weight capacity
The Invacare microAir Lateral Rotation Mattress offers the benefits of true low-air loss, alternating pressure, and lateral rotation. The MA95Z is a deep flotation, true low air loss therapy system that can directly replace specialty hospital beds.

The mattress is portable, and readily attached to most hospital and nursing home beds. The MA95Z replaces the mattress on standard medical beds. It provides continuous flotation in all turning modes assuring that patients do not “bottom out” on a hard bed surface.

Aggressive Therapy:
With the powerful 1275 LPM blower motor this is aggressive, effective healing treatment for those that need it and incredible prevention therapy.

Programmable Rotation:
The microAir Lateral Rotation Mattress is capable of turning/rotating the patient up to 45 degrees. The pump system is programmable so you can set or change rotation intervals. This eliminates caregivers having to manually re-position the patient through the day or night.

Best for Prevention and Treatment:
The microAIR Lateral Rotation Mattress combines the benefits of lateral rotation and True Low Air Loss for excellent pressure relief. The system's two selectable turning angles provide the ability to bilaterally rotate patients a full or partial turn. This reduces the risk of complications associated with immobilization. In addition, the MA95Z offers unmatched patient comfort and pressure ulcer management by regulating heat and moisture, relieving pressure and reducing friction and shear. The process is automatic and completely adjustable.

Easy-to-use control panel:
The user-friendly control panel allows the system to be customized to meet individual needs. New features like quick CPR deflate, panel lockout, low pressure alarm, and 24-hour backup help improve patient care. As with all microAIR products, the MA95Z is easy to install on a standard hospital bed and simple to operate and maintain. In fact, the microAIR Lateral Rotation Mattress by Invacare benefits everyone. It enhances patient care quality and increases caregiver productivity, all at an economical cost.

About Automatic Wireless (Fowler) Mode:
When the bed articulates to 45°, the transmitter in the head of the mattress signals the control unit to increase the pressure in the mattress by 80% to prevent the patient from bottoming out.

Function Button:
  1. Left: Rotation to the Left side. The time indicates the rotation duration.
  2. Center: Rotation to Center. The time indicates the rotation duration.
  3. Right: Rotation to the Right side. The time indicates the rotation duration.
  4. Static: Static mode. All air cushions maintain constant pressure.
  5. Pulse: Set 10 minute pulse time cycle. All of the air cushions in the mattress will remain static at the current pressure settings for 10 minutes, then the pressure in the mattress will decrease by 20% for five seconds. After five seconds, the mattress will once again inflate to the set pressure settings for 10 minutes, then deflate by 20% for five seconds, and the cycle is repeated.
  6. Multi-Pulse: The cycle duration can be set from 1 to 99 minutes. In this setting, the mattress will remain static at the current pressure settings for the time selected. Then, every two minutes, for the time selected, the pressure in the mattress will decrease by 20% for five seconds. This pulse cycle repeats itself for the selected time. (i.e...if 10 minutes is selected, the mattress will initially remain static for 10 minutes. Then, every two minutes, the pressure in the mattress will decrease by 20% for five seconds. the mattress will then inflate back to the set pressure setting and remain static for the time selected and the cycle is repeated.)

Lateral Rotation & Head Elevation:
The MA95Z will rotate the patient with the head elevated up to 40 degrees (or until the Fowler adjustment kicks in).

Key Benefits:
  • Automatic turning and static floatation modes
  • Easy-to-understand, caregiver-friendly control panel
  • Bilaterally turns resident up to 45-degrees at preset intervals from 5 minutes to 4 hours
  • Auto-firm feature inflates the mattress to maximum firmness to facilitate patient handling
  • Automatic Auto-firm mode shut-off if the unit is left unattended for 30 minutes or more
  • Resident weight adjustable on standard size mattress from 75-350 lbs

Bed Rails:

The MA95Z series mattress is recommended to be installed on medical bed frames with bed side or assist rails. It is preferred that the rails be in the raised position whenever a patient is on the bed. In most cases the bed rails will not exceed the top of mattress.


This is a 25 minute video that will have you up and running quickly.
  • 16" Mattress height includes 3" side bolsters
  • Magnetic hose connector is fast and easy to attach
  • Automatic wireless Fowler adds 25% more air to mattress to prevent bottoming out when bed is articulated
  • Digitally controlled pressure monitoring maintains proper pressure interfaces
  • Alternating pressure times can bee customized
  • Therapeutic for Stage III and IV, or multiple Stage II pressure ulcers
  • Lateral rotation automatically turns patients up to 45 degrees to reduce the risk of pulmonary and other serious medical complications associated with immobilization
  • Turning intervals between 4 minutes and 5 hours meet prescribed turning schedules
  • Low-Air-Loss regulates skin moisture and temperature, an important factor in preserving skin integrity for the prevention of pressure ulcers
  • 350-lb weight capacity

MA95Z Front Panel:

MA95Z front panel

MA95Z Owner Manual

(Adobe® PDF format)

Replacement PartsMA95Z Replacement Parts

Learn about the Rotational Bed
Return Policy for microAIR MA95Z
This product has a limited 30-day return policy:
  • The mattress must bed unused
  • Mattress is not returnable if package/seal has been opened
  • Product must be returned in original packaging and at customer's expense
  • Restocking fees apply

If you have questions about this product or need qualified help choosing options please call us at 1-866-722-4581.
See the full Return Policy here: Return Policy
Invacare MA95Z Warranty
  • 1 Year mattress
  • 2 years on power unit

If you experience any problem with your MA95Z Mattress at any time regardless of the stage of your warranty, please contact us and we will make every effort to help you.

This warranty applies to the original purchaser and must be purchased from an authorized Invacare supplier.


Input Voltage110V, 60Hz
Size36"W x 80"L x 10"H
Warranty1 Year mattress, 2 years on power unit
Weight capacityStandard 350-lbs
Pressure zone1275 ± 100LPM
Maximum pressure35 ± 5 mmHg
Rotation time5 minutes - 4 hrs
Rotation angle0 - 40° ± 5°
Shipping size/weight49"x19"x18"; 75-lbs

MA95Z maintenance made easy

Keep your Mattress in top-working-order. It's a good idea to periodically check all the calibrations between the mattress and the control unit. It's easy to do and you can quickly walk through it by following the instructions on this page.

Patient must be out of the bed during calibration.

Re-Calibrating the MA95Z:

Turn power off (Standby).

Disconnect mattress from power unit. (Remove all hoses from pump.)

Press and hold ROTATION, SELECT and LOCK while in standby. Unit will display "unit checking for home switch".

Press SELECT to continue. Unit will display offset for sensors ps1, ps2, ps3.

Press SELECT to continue.

Unit display "UNIT CALIBRATED" or "FAILURE".

Press SELECT if completed or LOCK to retry calibration.

After calibration wait 1 minute, then connect the hoses back to pump, re-check all hose connectors for good-tight fit. and then power up unit.

Press MAX INFLATE, mattress inflates in about 60 seconds if hoses are hooked up properly.

Max Inflate begins counting down from 15 minutes. While in Max Inflate pump audible beeps every 3 minutes and pump will exit Max Inflate after 15 minutes.

While in Max Inflate you should not hear any air leaks around the hose connections to the pump.

Auto Fowler Programming:

Turn power off (Standby).

Put Fowler transmitter in bed flat position.

Press and hold HOLD and MAX keys. (Fowler msg appears on LCD).
Follow instructions on display.
(Tilt head up until unit Beeps or says Fowler Detected, and returns to Standby)

Display Total Run Time:

Press and hold SOFT and FIRM while in standby.

Display shows total run time.

Unit returns to Standby after 5 seconds.

Basic Programming/Setup for MA95 Rotation:

This is just a basic Quick-Start for getting your new mattress performing.
To setup for rotation you will need to set the function time for at least 2 functions, CENTER and LEFT or RIGHT or both! In other words, you will always want to set a duration for CENTER and then the duration for rotation to left or right or both.
Locate the page in the User Manual for using the Rotation Button (current manual it's on page 15) and follow those steps. See the table showing the various functions (i.e. LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT, STATIC, etc).
For example, LEFT says "Rotation to the Left side. The time indicates the duration". Duration refers to the amount of time to stay in that position.

Rotate patient to the LEFT for 10 minutes, every 2 hours:
Set LEFT to 10 mins.
Set CENTER to 120 minutes (2 hrs.)

In the same LCD Display you will see the Angle of Rotation and you can set it accordingly or simply stay with the factory default.


Average Customer Review:
( 6 )
Ken O. from Oklahoma City, OK United States
July 8, 2017
rotation mattress
received 3 days after ordering so delivery was pretty fast. setting it up was easy - i mean easy. i had to read the owner manual to see what all the buttons do but found it was easy once i started with it because the control panel walks you through it. so i basically had this mattress on the bed up and running in less than 5 minutes. we've only had it a couple nights now but it works like a champ!
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Was this review helpful to you?
James Bane from Hiawassee, GA United States
March 11, 2015
Invacare Micro Air MA95Z
This Mattress system is truly wonderful for the patient and their care. My wife was injured in an auto accident 19 years ago which left her paralyzed from the neck down. This new Micro Air MA95Z mattress system and it's predecessor model (Turn Q Plus) have in the past and will in the future be a continuing major contributing factor to her many years (past and future) without a bedsore and good hea
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Was this review helpful to you?
Debra V. from Toledo, OH
September 29, 2022
microair mattress
Excellent! Amazingly fast delivery and this system is now on my husbands bed and working.
Was this review helpful to you?
Hank Y. from Brownwood, TX
September 29, 2022
just a great product
Very happy with the mattress. It's pretty loud in a small uncarpeted room. I laid down a couple area rugs and it seems to help. But the mattress works perfectly.
Was this review helpful to you?
Beverly W. from Vernon, CT
September 29, 2022
false of 1 people found the following review helpful:
this mattress is doing everything it's intended to do and my mom is responding well to it. Pretty easy to set it up and program when to turn her. Just works excellent. Delivered to my door in 3 days.
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