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Knee Walkers

Rolling Knee Walkers

For patients recovering from an ankle or foot injury, mobility becomes an issue. Trying to get around on crutches can not only be challenging and restrictive, but also places a lot of pressure on other parts of your body when used for an extended period of time. Fortunately, rolling knee walkers are a great mobility aid alternative and allow for a greater range of motion for those that are recuperating from a foot or ankle impediment.

One-leg knee walkers allow for patients who can bear weight on their knee to place their leg on the padded seat with the ankle up, while using their good foot to scoot around. Even for patients that are wearing a cast or brace, a knee cart is a comfortable and convenient way of getting around. We carry several different steerable knee walker models that are stable and durable and can be adjusted to best fit the patient.

PHC Online is proud to offer products from trusted industry brands like ProBasics and Nova at competitive prices. Whether being used as a broken foot scooter or for relieving pressure from a foot ulcer, these steerable knee walkers are the perfect mobility aid for those recovering from a foot or leg injury.



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    Second Generation Weil Knee Walker
    Weil Knee Walker is a great alternative to crutches. It's 3-legged design even has steering and hand brakes. 2nd Generation!
    Nova Knee Walker model TKW-14
    Tall - Heavy Duty Knee Walker TKW-14 fits users up to 6'8" tall. It's also heavy duty with a 400 lbs. weight capacity. Steerable, includes brakes and height adjustable padded knee-rest.
    Nova Knee Walker model TKW-13
    Heavy Duty Knee Walker TKW-13 has 400 lbs. weight capacity, is steerable, includes brakes and height adjustable padded knee-rest.
    Nova Knee Walker model TKW-12
    Nova Knee Walker TKW-12 replaces TKC-10 Knee Cruiser. The Knee Walker is a patient-powered knee scooter that works great when you can't bear weight on your foot or ankle. Knee Walker is steerable, includes brakes and height adjustable padded knee-rest.
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    Knee Walker model 796
    Economy Steerable Knee Walker has 350 lbs. weight capacity. Can be setup for either knee. 8" caster wheels with front wheel steering. Seat and handlebars are height adjustable. Seat has padded channel for stability.
    ProBasics Knee Walker model 1030KW
    ProBasics Steerable Knee Walker with 300 lbs. weight capacity. Knee pad and handlebars are height adjustable. Easily folds for transport & storage.
    Lumex Knee Walker model LX8000
    ideal for individuals recovering from sprains, foot surgery, amputation or any foot or ankle injury where the user cannot bear weight.
These Knee Walkers are excellent for recovering from foot or ankle surgery. They make a smart alternative to crutches for patients that can bear weight on the knee with the ankle up. These one leg walkers let you scoot around with your good foot. They even work well for patients with a cast or ankle brace.