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Knee Braces-Orthoses-Splints

Compression Knee Braces & Neoprene Knee Sleeves

The knee, as the largest joint in the body, is a delicate mechanism that's easily stressed, traumatized and injured. Proper knee support is crucial in many sports activities, and knee stabilizer units are routinely used to guard against injuries and also as a part of post-injury therapy.

You'll notice that our knee braces category is divided into various subcategories to make it easy as possible to find what you need. Many of the options offered here include a compression knee brace, slip-on neoprene knee sleeve and several knee brace for osteoarthritis (OA) options.

We carry only braces from top-name manufacturers, like FlexLite, Ossur, Safe-T-Sport, Softform and Ocsi. Our pricing is at rock bottom, and most products ship post-paid!


The knee is the largest joint in the body and is vital to mobility. Its stability relies on the delicate ligaments surrounding it. Due to the tremendous forces acting on the knee, injuries to these ligaments are common. Other common knee injuries are cartilage damage and dislocation of the knee cap. While each of these injuries are treatable with our products, it is essential to properly identify your specific injury, in consult with a health care professional, before selecting the best solution for you.

Common Knee injury areas:

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL, passes through the middle of the knee joint, and forms a "cross" with the Posterior Cruciate Ligament.

The primary function of the ACL ligament is to prevent the tibia from sliding forward when placed under stress - this phenomenon is known as anterior translation of the tibia.

The ACL also helps in preventing hyperextension of the knee, a common result of a tear in the ACL.

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