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Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion

Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion, GEL Cushion

Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion - Image 1 of 0
Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion - Image 2 of 0
Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion - Image 3 of 0
Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion - Image 1 of 0
Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion - Image 2 of 0
Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion - Image 3 of 0
Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion - Image 1 of 0
Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion - Image 2 of 0
Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion - Image 3 of 0

Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion

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Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion
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Usually Ships in 2 to 4 Weeks
Product Code: J3-Cushion
  • HCPCS Code:: K0734
  • Returns: Not returnable if plastic bag has been opened.
Choose your options:
Cushion Height
Cushion Size
Pelvic Loading Area Size
Insert Type
Cushion Cover
Positioning Components
Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion

Gel Cushion:
The Jay J3 Cushion is a lightweight, low maintenance, Gel cushion designed for the person at high risk for skin breakdown. The J3 Cushion offers adjustability and customization for maximum patient comfort and stability, not found in other seat cushions.

Custom Fit:
The J3 Cushion comes with standard Gel inserts, yet offers additional Gel pads for a custom fit. This versatility provides individualized posture control and reduced surface tension and pressure distribution. The J3's pelvic loading area is designed to evenly reduce pressure under the pelvis. Jay calls it the PLA (Pelvic Loading Area), and the PLA can be ordered to fit the user's pelvis.

How to order the J3 Cushion:
Don't be intimidated by the lengthy order form for the J3 cushion. Just use the J3's 6 step order form that covers all aspects of an individual's customization requirements. First, download the J3 order form to see all options. In addition to the standard wheelchair seat sizes, the J3 uses patient specific information for determining Gel pads, pelvic loading area, positioning components, and cushion cover type.
Step 1
Cushion Height:
Determine Cushion Height. How much immersion and envelopment does the user require? Standard or Deep height?

Step 2
Cushion Size:
Determine Cushion size (width & depth). Available sizes range from 12" x 12" to 24" x 24".

Step 3
PLA (Pelvic Loading Area) Size.
PLA size is determined by the ASIS to ASIS (Anterior Superior Iliac Spine) measurement. Use these measurements:
< 9.75" Choose size A
9.75" – 11.75" Choose size B
> 11.75" Choose size C

Step 4
PLA Insert.
The Factory Filled works well for basic pressure reduction. The Field Variable is designed for in-field adjustments as well as for determining a non-standard Factory Filled volume.

The Factory Filled PLA Insert features 3 fluid chambers. If modifications are necessary, call Customer Service to specify fluid volumes.

The Field Variable PLA Insert is designed to adjust to changing user needs over time. It ships with two supplemental fluid inserts and can accommodate two additional pads, which can be ordered in: small, medium, large, x-large.

Step 5
Cover Options:
The standard Stretch Cover reduces cover tension.
The Incontinent cover features moisture-resistant material that resists fluid absorption.
The Microclimatic cover is made from 3DX™ spacer fabric that helps to transfer heat and moisture away from the body.

Step 6
Positioning Cushion:
When positioning components are required, select the positioning accessory from the menu. Use the guide below:
J3 Cushion Components

  • The J3 is available with a wide range of positioning options to help the user maintain appropriate postural stability.
  • The patent-pending new Pleating Geometry design of the fluid pads helps to increase immersion and envelopment. Pleats create greater surface area on the top of the pad and pleats expand to accommodate shapes, while simultaneously preventing the fluid from moving out of place.
  • The J3 cushion is available with a multitude of modification options including overfill, underfill, leg length cut, notch for posts, angle wedge, or a variety of other mods.
  • User weight limit for under 20" in width is 330 lbs. and for 20" wide and greater is 500 lbs.


Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code:K0734/K0735
Product Weight:16" x 18" Standard: 4.5 lbs.
16" x 18" Deep: 4.9 lbs.
Product Height:Standard: 3.75" (Unloaded)
Deep: 4.25" (Unloaded)
Product Weight Capacity:12" - 19" : 330 lbs.
20" - 24": 500 lbs.
Product Width (1" increments):Standard: 12" - 24"
Deep: 14" - 24"
Product Length (1" increments):Standard: 12" - 24"
Deep: 14" - 24"
Cover Options:Stretch, Incontinent-resistant, Microclimatic 3DX™ Spacer Fabric
Warranty 2 years


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