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Jay Union Wheelchair Cushion

Jay Union Wheelchair Cushion, Memory Foam and GEL combination

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Jay Union Wheelchair Cushion - Image 1 of 0
Jay Union Wheelchair Cushion - Image 2 of 0
Jay Union Wheelchair Cushion - Image 3 of 0
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Jay Union Wheelchair Cushion - Image 1 of 0
Jay Union Wheelchair Cushion - Image 2 of 0
Jay Union Wheelchair Cushion - Image 3 of 0
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Jay Union Cushion

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Jay Union Wheelchair Cushion with Gel & Memory Foam for users at high-risk of skin breakdown.
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Jay Union Wheelchair Cushion

The JAY Union cushion combines multi-layered soft memory foam, a JAY Flow fluid pad and innovative cover technologies to provide outstanding contoured comfort, skin protection and positioning for the user.

The JAY Union wheelchair cushion is a skin protection and positioning cushion that features a high performance foam base for optimal stability, the GEL Flow Fluid Pad combined with dual layer Visco Memory Foam for dynamic contouring, and innovative cover technologies for user protection and convenience.

The JAY Union features a stable foam base and dual layer Visco memory foam to create the ideal combination of softness, support and pressure relief. The positioning of a JAY Flow fluid pad beneath the Visco foam helps the foam conform to each user’s unique pelvic contour, resulting in even pressure distribution across the sitting surface. The contoured base, lateral wedges, and Pelvic Loading Area promote lateral, anterior, and posterior stability.

The Union’s innovative cover system is designed for user convenience and protection. The 4-way stretchable inner cover is easy to wipe off for cleaning and features anti-wicking seam thread and an Aqua-guard zipper to help prevent moisture from reaching the foam. The Union’s washable outer cover utilizes X-static fiber, a silver-impregnated, antimicrobial and odor-reducing material. A layer of breathable foam sewn into the cover promotes heat and moisture dissipation. In addition to providing a clean and convenient sitting surface, this cover system also protects the foam base to maximize the life of the cushion.

The Union is an ideal choice for users requiring a high performance skin protection and positioning cushion without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

Dynamic Contouring:

  • Stable foam base and dual layer memory-foam in varying densities create the ideal
  • combination of softness, support, and pressure relief
  • JAY Flow fluid insert beneath foam fits to each user’s unique pelvic contour
  • Contoured base and lateral wedges promote lateral stability
  • Pelvic Loading Area provides anterior/posterior stability

The Union's thin fabric weave makes washing and drying the outer cover a snap. The inner water-resistant cover can be easily wiped off in seconds. When moisture strikes, cleanup is quick and easy.

Antimicrobial Cover:
The comfortable outer cover offers another benefit: it's antimicrobial. The X-static fabric is impregnated with silver. Studies show silver actually inhibits bacterial growth, which is one reason why it is frequently found in bandages, hosiery, and footwear to name a few.

Maximum Comfort Visco Foam:
The JAY Union features a 1 ½" thick layer of Visco memory foam in the rear seating area. Visco foam is one of the most comfortable pressure redistribution foams manufactured. Its strength lies in the ability to mold to an individual's shape without significant push-back or spring. This ability to replicate the user's shape helps distribute the user's load over a larger surface area, which in tern helps reduce peak pressures.

Choose Cushion Height (Profile):
  • Standard Height: 4.5"
  • Low Profile: 3.5" (for lower seat-to-floor heights)
Low-Profile (3.5") is available on seat widths of 20" or less.
Low Profile not available on 22" or wider cushion size.
  • The JAY Union's inner cover features specially coated anti-wicking seam thread to prevent moisture from wicking through the seam holes.
  • Beneath the middle fluid-layer on the JAY Union cushion is a contoured structural base that includes a pelvic loading area (or well) and two lateral pelvic wedges. This construction helps promote lateral stability for the user while sitting and prevents the cushion's side walls from collapsing if a user leans to one side or the other. This is an extremely important benefit to those requiring lateral trunk stability.
  • The inner cover also features specially coated Aqua-guard zipper designed to repel moisture. Its zipper uses a reverse coil to lock the fluid resistant coating sections together. As a result, the inner foam stays dry and odor free.
  • The inner moisture-resistant polyurethane-coated cover is made with Lycra. This remarkable material allows the cover to easily stretch and conform to the individual's shape. Without the ability to stretch, there is always the potential for surface-tension pressure to develop under the user's ischial tuberosities, which can increase the potential of a tissue breakdown.
  • Since the inner cover is not the problem area for odors, the Union's outer X-static cover is impregnated with silver. Silver helps eliminate bacteria and also binds with ammonia and denatured proteins to accelerate the odor reduction process.
  • X-static silver impregnated fiber fabric is made with 99.9% pure silver, a naturally occurring element.


Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code:E2607 (<22")
E2608 (22" and over)
Product Weight:5.25 lbs. (based on 16" x 18" size)
Product Width:14" - 24"
Product Length/Depth:14" - 24"
Product Weight Capacity:300 lbs. : 14" -21" wide
500 lbs. : 22" - 24" wide
Outer Cover:X-Static® with Ballistic Nylon
Cushion Height:4.5" (Std.) or 3.5" (low profile)

Union base diagram


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