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Jay Care Wheelchair Cushion

Jay CARE Wheelchair Cushion

Jay Care Cushion

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Jay CARE GEL Flow Fluid Wheelchair Cushion
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Jay Care Wheelchair Cushion

The JAY Care is a simple, moisture-resistant cushion designed to accommodate the client with a fixed posterior pelvic tilt utilizing sling style wheelchair upholstery.

Contoured Foam Base:
Features extended Well and JAY Flow Fluid Tripad. The extended well accommodates the "sacral sitting" position common with fixed posterior pelvic tilt postures. Designed for use on sling upholstery, a reinforced, curved bottom reduces the "hammocking" effect of upholstery, keeping the sitting surface level. Its integrated JAY Flow fluid pad conforms to each individual's shape and ensures proper fluid placement beneath bony prominences to help protect the skin from breakdown.

Includes Extra Cushion Cover:
Two covers are included with the Care wheelchair seating. The backup cover allows for continued use and protection of the base when the other cover is being washed.
  • Pre-contoured foam with extended well and curved bottom
  • Integrated JAY Flow™ fluid compartmentalized pad
  • 2.5" cushion height
  • Includes additional Stretch Cover


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