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Jay J3 Wheelchair Back

Jay J3 Wheelchair Back, Press Larger Photo for more.,

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Jay J3 Wheelchair Back - Image 1 of 0
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Jay J3 Wheelchair Back - Video 3 of 1
Jay J3 Wheelchair Back - Image 1 of 0
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Jay J3 Wheelchair Back - Video 3 of 1

J3 Wheelchair Back

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J3 Wheelchair Back, Jay 3

Use the guide below to configure this wheelchair back.
Then choose style and size and use "Update Price" button.
Product Code: Jay-3
  • HCPCS Code:: E2613 | E2615 | E2620
Choose your options:
Thoracic Support Type
Lower Thoracic
Mid Thoracic
Upper Thoracic
Shoulder Height
Optional Lateral Supports
Optional Headrest
Optional Chest Straps

Jay J3 Wheelchair Back

The Jay® J3™ Back features the most versatile hardware package, flexible positioning system, and all-in-one package that Jay has ever created.

The J3™ Back is dedicated to eliminating compromises such as: towel bars that interfere with the mounting hardware, backrest contours that fail to match the user or even back heights that are too tall or too short. J3™ supplies multiple solutions with one product.

When buying a back, most people expect it to work without complication: the shell fits just right, the hardware mounts easily, contouring matches exactly, and moving the back on and off the chair is effortless. For most products, this is the ideal not the reality….until the J3™ Back. Never before have the creative minds of JAY® spent more time studying the subtleties of fitting the back to the chair and the user to the back. Their result: The J3 Back. The most comprehensive combination of adjustable hardware, individual shell sizes and positioning capabilities ever assembled. Now more than ever, we’ve got your back.

JAYMount hardware offers so many ways to mount:
JAYMount™ hardware designed to fit: Engineered to mount on crowded back posts ranging from 1 1/8” to 3/4”, JAYMount hardware virtually eliminates incompatibility. All three dimensions of height, angle and depth can be adjusted while the user remains in the chair.

A multitude of shapes and sizes: "We've got your back".
Providing the correct size back for each individual is critical to preventing problems down the road. For this reason, the J3 back offers virtually every combination of depth, height and width that an adult user may require

Spine-Align Posture Conforming System:
The Spine Align System is simple to use and creates the individual shape necessary to best support the user. Result: Optimal postural support, pressure distribution and comfort.
  • The J3 Back features the most complete portfolio of options we've ever assembled on one order form. It eliminates wading through a stack of order forms to locate the right combination of parts and pieces. Ordering is simple as determining the contour depth, the level of support, the back support height, the user's back width, and the hardware preference. These 5 variables create the single part number that is highly intuitive.
  • Today, more and more chairs are purchased with a transit option for use as a seat in motor vehicles. Unfortunately, most replacement backs are not tested and validated for this use. The J3™ is the first back to be transit tested for use on transit wheelchairs.
  • The J3 Back features one of the widest ranges of available accessories. Multiple lateral sizes, Spine-Align positioning components, Whitmyer® headrests, Comfort Fit® chest straps, and trunk straps are just a sample of the available options. Best of all, the headrests and chest straps can be pre-mounted at the factory saving valuable time and money.
  • When it comes to backrests, preventing excess moisture and regulating temperature are two of the requirements clinicians and RTSs take into consideration. Every J3™ back features special new spacer fabric upholstery designed to wick moisture away from the skin and circulate air flow throughout the cover.
  • Never again worry about losing seat depth when adjusting the backrest angle. The J3™ back provides up to 22° of back angle adjustment with minimal to zero loss of seat depth. This is especially helpful for individuals with postural deformities who may require more extreme angles.

How to order the J3 Back:
Order by Style, Height, Posterior Support, Width. (See menus.)

Step 1.
Review order form:
Download and print the J3 Back order form:
PDFJ3 Back order form

Step 2.
Review J3 Back Styles:
Choose from 4 back support types, each available for wheelchairs with 14-22" seat widths.
See chart below:

J3 Back styles and types

Step 3.
Determine desired back height:
Each support type is available in 3 heights: small, medium and tall. For each style (above) hack heights are as follows:

Lower Thoracic: S=6.5", M=8", T=9.5"
Mid Thoracic: S=12", M=13.5", T=15"
Upper Thoracic: S=16.5", M=18", T=19.5"
Shoulder Height: S=21", M=22.5", T=24"

Step 4.
Determine support type:
Not all posterior types are available for the Lower Thoracic and Mid Thoracic back styles. The letter in red circle is reflected in the part# when you order by back style. The chart below shows the types of posterior support offered for each model and size:

Posterior Support

Posterior-Lateral Support

Posterior Deep Lateral Support

Step 5.
Select the appropriate model from the Menus.
Select the Thoracic support style and then the model number from the appropriate Style menu.
Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code:E2613 (Posterior)
E2615 (Posterior and Lateral)
E2620 (Posterior Deep Lateral)
Product Weight:Approx. 4 - 5 lbs
without mounting hardware.
Product Width:14" - 20"**
Product Height:varies from 6.5" - 24"
Ship Method(s):Ground, Next Day, 2 Day, 3 Day
Product Weight Capacity:300 lbs.
Shipping Weight:Approx. 10 lbs.

Accessory Spine-Align Kits:

Includes: 3 wedges, 2 lateral shims, and 2 posterior/lateral pelvic positioning pads.

Includes: 5 wedges, 2 lateral shims, and 2 posterior/lateral pelvic positioning pads, 1 large lumbar support, 1 flat shim, and 1 curved shim.


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