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Invacare Softform Premier Mattress

Reduced Pressure Ulcer Incidence, Prevents Skin Breakdown

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Softform Premier Mattress IPM1080

17 Reviews
SoftForm Premier Therapeutic Mattress for users up to very high risk of skin breakdown.

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Optional Raised Side Rail

High Density Foam Hospital Bed Mattress

IPM1080: 80"L x 36"W x 6"H
IPM1076: 76"L x 36"W x 6"H
IPM1084: 84"L x 36"W x 6"H
IPM1080B39: 80"L x 39"W x 6"H
IPM1080B48: 80"L x 48"W x 6"H

When it comes to buying a hospital bed mattress, there is no substitute for quality and comfort and we offer what has to be considered the very highest quality high density foam mattress on the market: the Invacare Softform Premier Mattress IPM1080.

While most hospital beds are made to accommodate a mattress measuring 80" X 36", which are the measurements of this particular Invacare Softform Premier, it should also be mentioned that the Softform Premier is also available in 76X36, 84X36, 80X39 and 80X48-inch sizes. All are six inches in height.

Designed as the latest generation Softform mattress, here are some of the improvements made from its predecessor, the Softform Excel:
  • Patient risk level accommodation has gone from high to very high
  • Mushroom-shaped foam cells for increased comfort and greater support have replaced keyhole foam configuration
  • Heat-welded seams have replaced stitched seams
  • Previous 450-pound weight limit has been extended to 500 pounds
This high resilience foam mattress now provides great sidewall support through the use of a one-piece, U-shaped high density polyurethane foam core. The fluid-resistant, 4-way stretchable cover helps reduce friction and shear, thereby reducing development of pressure sores.

Don’t just rely on a medical mattress to support you, depend on one that eases pressure, prevents skin breakdown and offers therapeutic assistance. Shop today, and feel free to email us with any questions or concerns!

Looks like this new Softform mattress from Invacare is destined to replace the current Solace Series, and since it touts the name "Premier" it's the top-of-the-line product for therapeutic foam support. It also offers an optional cover that provides built-in 3" raised side rail bolsters.

The Softform Premier Mattress features a unique contoured foam insert which provides excellent patient comfort and optimizes pressure reduction for patients up to Very High Risk. A single piece foam U-core provides side support and helps facilitate resident transfers.

An excellent choice for preventing & treating skin breakdown. Invacare's Softform Mattresses utilize superior materials inside and out for comfortable, durable mattresses designed to aid in prevention of pressure ulcers in patients up to Very High Risk of skin breakdown.

High-resiliency 2.5 lb. castellated polyurethane with premium four-way stretch covers, Softform mattresses are more comfortable and will retain their supportive qualities longer than typical foam mattresses.

Premium fluid-resistant cover:
Softform mattress covers are four-way stretch polyurethane and feature a tough coated polyurethane base to extend the longevity of the mattress. The Softform Premier mattress features high frequency welded seams when compared to the Softform Excel Mattress which features stitched seams.

Invacare's Softform Premier mattress features premium HR foam cut into mushroom-shaped cells to allow superior patient immersion and pressure redistribution.

Unique "castellated" cells break the surface tensions of the foam, allowing the patient to be immersed into the foam, maximizing body contact area and optimizing pressure reduction.

The SoftForm Premier Mattress has a contoured foam layer which is designed to evenly distribute the weight of a patient, promote greater comfort and facilitate pressure ulcer prevention in patients up to High Risk. The base of the mattress features a firm foam layer to provide substantial support.

See our Blog about this product.

  • Comfortable sleep surface minimizes patient complaints
  • SoftForm mattress covers feature a concealed zipper, reducing possible risk of fluid ingress
  • Fully removable covers allow for easy replacement, laundering and inspection of foam
  • High quality high-density 2.5 lb./cu. ft. - density foam provides comfort and durability

Single-piece U-Core:
The Softform Premier mattress features a single piece foam “U” core which facilitates patient transfer by providing effective side-wall support. Manufacturing the core out of one piece of foam vs. glued sections results in a strong, durable mattress.

Fluid-Resistant, Low-Shear Cover:
The fluid-resistant, four-way stretch Softform Mattress cover is designed to help reduce shear and friction forces, which can be contributing factors in the development of pressure ulcers as well as make the skin tissue more vulnerable to the forces of direct pressure.

Optional 3" Raised Side Rail:
Raised Side Rail (RSR) covers available separately. Customize Softform mattresses with RSR covers as needed for patients requiring additional side support. Available in widths up to 48" available.

Clinical Data:
Invacare's Softform Mattresses will deliver essential clinical and financial benefits. Using the Softform Mattress in place of traditional mattress systems reduced pressure ulcer incidence in high risk patient populations from 34% to 7% and pressure ulcer prevalence from 30% to 9% respectively.

Learn about the IPM1080 Mattress
Return Policy for Invacare SoftForm Mattress
  • For hygienic reasons this is a Non-Returnable product
  • In the event the mattress arrives damaged it will be replaced at no charge

If you have questions about this product or need qualified help choosing options please call us at 1-866-722-4581.
See the full Return Policy here: Return Policy
8 Year Limited Warranty
  • 8 years on mattress
  • 4 years on cover

If you experience any problem with your hospital bed mattress at any time regardless of the stage of your warranty, please contact us and we will make every effort to help you.

This warranty does not apply to any product subjected to customer misuse, damage in transit or handling by the delivering agent, or which, has been altered or repaired by an unauthorized representative in any way that affects the reliability or detracts from the performance of the product.


500-lb Weight Capacity

Overall Length:76", 80", 84"
Overall Width:36", 39", 48"
Overall Height:6"
Product Weight:35 lb.
Warranty:8 years foam, 4 years cover
Code Compliance:Foam meets Fire Regulation code 16 CFR 1633, 16 CFR 1632, TB129

Compare the Premier & Excel Mattress:

SoftForm Excel MattressSoftForm Premier Mattress
Patient Risk LevelLow - HighLow - Very High
Construction2 layer HR FoamU-Core w/removable HR Foam Insert
Foam CutKeyhole CutMushroom Cell
Built in Side SupportNoYes
Cover4-Way Stretch, Stitched Seams4-Way Stretch w/HF Welded Seams
Infection Control3/4 Flap to conceal zipperFull flap to conceal zipper
Capacity450 lb.500 lb.
Warranty6 Years Foam, 2 Years Cover8 Years Foam, 4 Years Cover


Average Customer Review:
( 17 )
Rebelranger from Kearney, NE United States
May 30, 2021
Nice firm mattress
Easy to take out of box and put on bed.
Was this review helpful to you?
Martha Stewart from Mt. Vernon, IL United States
October 14, 2019
Very happy with item. Called to ask about firmness and was given accurate info. Good experience.
Was this review helpful to you?
Janice N. from Richland , WA
March 19, 2018
excellent choice
This is a very comfortable mattress. Company was easy to order from and came promptly from fedex. It was an excellent purchase and experience.
Was this review helpful to you?
Harry McMillin from Ardmore, TN United States
June 9, 2017
Excellent Mattress
This mattress was received quickly and damage free. No smells from the mattress at all and it was fully capable of supporting my Father-in-Law within a short period of time. He weights almost 300lbs and this mattress supports him very comfortably. Highly reccomend the mattress and this company.
Was this review helpful to you?
Anonymous Person from Bethesda, MD United States
January 5, 2017
Excellent product and quick delivery
I ordered the mattress for my aunt. She said it is very comfortable. The delivery was even quicker than promised. We are very satisfied.
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