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M71 jr. power Wheelchair

Invacare Pronto Chairs, shown w/optional Tilt-System

Invacare Pronto M71 jr. with SureStep

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Pronto M71 JR. Power Wheelchair w/SureStep
Product Code: M71JR_Power_Chair
  • HCPCS Code:: K0011

The Invacare Pronto M71 jr. power wheelchair with SureStep offersexcellent manueverability and performance for children in a compact,stylish design. Featuring true center-wheel drive, the M71 jr. providesa more natural and intuitive way of driving which is ideal for childrennew to power wheelchairs. With its innovative SureStep supspension, theM71 jr. safely transitions over a variety of terrains up to two-inchesin height, even at slow speeds or from a complete stop, allowingchildren to move at their own pace. Complete with four securementpoints and an occupant restraint belt, the M71 jr. Transport ReadyPackage is a standard feature of the chair. The M71 jr is now availablewith manual tilt to provide increased comfort and positioning. Combinethese features with the customizable MK5 EX electronics, the M71 jr.offers the most versatile power chair available today for children.
  • Up to 45 degrees of manual tilt provides increased comfort and positioning. New pediatric adjustable seat grows from 12" x 12" to 16" x 18".
  • With its innovative SureStep technology and six wheels on the ground, the M71 jr. safely transitions over a variety of terrains up to 2-inches in height, even at slow speeds or from a complete stop, allowing children to move at their own pace.
  • Transport Package: Transport ready option features four securement brackets that meet the ANSI/RESNA WC/Vol 1. - Section 19.5.3 Frontal Impact Test Requirements for wheelchairs for use in motor vehicles. The Pronto M71 jr has been crash tested with the Invacare M71 jr ASBA seat with sling back upholstery and manual tilt. The Transport Package has been crash tested with tie downs that meet the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standard for wheelchair and occupant restraint systems. The Invacare Transport Package must be used in conjunction with tie downs that meet the SAEJ2249 standard for wheelchair occupant and restraint system for transportation.
  • MK5 EX electronics with MK5 DPJ (Dual Purpose Joystick) driver control standard


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