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Replacement Parts

Invacare BAR750 Bed Parts

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Replacement Parts - Image 1 of 0
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Replacement Parts - Image 1 of 0
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Invacare BAR750 Replacement Parts

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Replacement Parts for Invacare BAR750 Bariatric Hospital Bed.
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Product Code: BAR750-parts


BAR750 Parts Catalog

Replacement parts for Invacare BAR750 Home Care Bariatric Beds.

Parts Diagram:
BAR750 Bed Parts

These parts are no longer available:
2. Battery w/hardware, 1147496
11. Plug Button, Black,1147494

Product CodeNameYour PriceQty
Product Code:BAR750-parts-0001Invacare BAR750 Replacement Parts - 1. Actuator Motor, Back/Leg Lift, 1147492Your Price:$453.00
Product Code:BAR750-parts-0002Invacare BAR750 Replacement Parts - 10. Clevis Pin w/ Rue Clip, 1147495Your Price:$123.00
Product Code:BAR750-parts-0003Invacare BAR750 Replacement Parts - 3. Steering Caster with Hardware, 1147497Your Price:$376.00
Product Code:BAR750-parts-0004Invacare BAR750 Replacement Parts - 4. Module, Electronic Control, 1147490Your Price:$1,074.00
Product Code:BAR750-parts-0005Invacare BAR750 Replacement Parts - 5. Actuator Motor, High/Low, 1147491Your Price:$426.00
Product Code:BAR750-parts-0006Invacare BAR750 Replacement Parts - 6. Locking Caster with Hrdw, 1147498Your Price:$338.00
Product Code:BAR750-parts-0007Invacare BAR750 Replacement Parts - 7. Pendant Control, 1147488Your Price:$318.00
Product Code:BAR750-parts-0008Invacare BAR750 Replacement Parts - 8. Cord, Power, 1147489Your Price:$180.00
Product Code:BAR750-parts-0009Invacare BAR750 Replacement Parts - 9. Side Rails, Pair, 1147493Your Price:$391.00


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Tmothy Harvey from Elizabethtown, NC United States
August 4, 2020
Pendant 3 function 9153640229
wrong part
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