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Firm Innerspring Hospital Bed Mattress

Premium-grade cotton and high-density urethane foam make up the majority of these innerspring mattresses for sale. When looking at discount spring mattresses online, you'll find that ours are among the best innerspring mattresses available and offer numerous options including length, width and weight capacity. Major manufacturers include Drive Medical, Lumex and Invacare.

Each of these firm innerspring hospital bed mattress models is designed to work with hospital-type beds where the head and feet can be elevated. Most feature waterproof vinyl covers, many of which are flame retardant, anti-microbial, and both reversible and washable.

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Invacare 5185 Hospital Bed Mattress Invacare 5185 Hospital Bed Mattress

Invacare Innerspring Mattress, 80" long X 36" Wide X 6" Deep, model 5185, TB1633 compliant, 250-lb weight capacity. Vinyl cover is anti-bacterial, anti-static, acid-resistant, waterproof.

Your Price: $181.00
Drive Medical 15006 Inner-Spring Hospital Bed Mattress Innerspring Hospital Bed Mattress

Drive Medical model 15006 Hospital Mattress, 80" and 84" Lengths.  Inner-Spring constructed of premium grade cotton and high-density urethane foam for maximum comfort and increased durability. 250-lb capacity. EXTRA-FIRM model available.

Your Price: $249.00
Drive Medical 15014 Hospital Bed Mattress Extra-Long Hospital Bed Mattress

Drive model 15014 Extra Long Replacement Hospital Bed Mattress, 36"W x 84"L.  Inner-Spring constructed of premium grade fiber. 250-lb weight capacity.

Your Price: $249.00
Extra-long Hospital Bed Mattress Extra-Long Hospital Bed Mattress

Invacare Extra-Long Innerspring Hospital Bed Mattress is 84"L x 36"W.  TB1633 compliant, 250-lb weight capacity. Waterproof vinyl cover.

Your Price: $287.00
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