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Best Infinite-Position Lift Chairs

Not only is our selection of infinite-position lift chairs for sale great for those requiring assistance sitting down and getting back up, they're also beautiful looking pieces of furniture! An infinite-position recliner/power lift chair provides the user with the ability to set him/herself in any position desired, from fully upright to flat out for a quick snooze or even a full night's sleep.

The infinite-position lift recliners featured here are the Rolls Royce in the industry the best infinite-position lift chairs available. Most have weight capacities of 375-lbs. Some have heat and massage functions available, and all will allow you to sit and stand unaided at the simple touch of a button! If you need a full-recline power lift chair, find it here and at great discounts.

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Pride LC-558 Lift Chair LC-558 Infinite-Position

Full size Lazy-boy style recliner that can lift you into a standing position. Button-Back, Infinite positioning.

  • 20"W x 20"D seat
  • 325-lb capacity

Our Price: $999.00
Pride LC-525i Lift Chair Recliner LC-525i Infinite-Position

Infinite positioning and Zero-Gravity for maximum flexibility and comfort. Optional heat & massage, more accessories. Beautiful fabric selection.

  • 24"W x 19"D - fits 5'3" and shorter
  • 20"W x 20"D - Fits 5'4" - 6'
  • 22"W x 22"D - Fits 5'9" - 6'2"
  • 375 lbs. Capacity

Our Price: $1,169.00
Golden Lift Chair Recliner PR-505 MaxiComforter

Zero-Gravity, Infinite positioning Lift Chair. Golden Technologies' best seller. Available in 6 seat sizes.

  • Jr. Petite: 19"W x 18.5"D
  • Small: 20"W x 19.5"D
  • Med: 21"W x 21"D
  • Large: 23"W x 22"D
  • Medium X-Wide: 27.5"W x 21.5"D
  • Tall: 23"W x 23"D

Our Price: $1,249.00
Pride LC-580i Oasis Oasis LC-580i Infinite-Position

Zero-Gravity, Infinite Positioning, and Trendelenburg for maximum comfort. Optional Deluxe Heat & Massage.

  • 20"W x 20"D, Seat-to-floor 20"
  • 22"W x 22"D, Seat-to-floor 21"
  • 375 lbs. Capacity.

Our Price: $1,509.00
Deluxe Lift Chair from Golden Technologies PR-756 MaxiComfort Relaxer

Golden Relaxer Lift Chair. Zero-Gravity Chair. Golden Technologies Relaxer Infinite-Position Lift Chair has independent head and foot controls.

  • 20"W x 21"D seat
  • 19.5" Seat-to-floor
  • 375 lbs. Capacity

Our Price: $1,549.00
Golden Technologies Cloud model PR-510 MaxiComfort Cloud

Cloud Lift Chair offers both Zero-Gravity and Infinite-Positioning. Overstuffed back cushions, independent head and foot controls. 2 sizes available.

  • 18.5"W x 19.5"D, 19" Seat-to-floor
  • 20"W x 21.5"D, 20" Seat-to-floor
  • 375 lbs. Capacity

Our Price: $1,625.00
Golden Technologies PR-712 Lift Chair MaxiComfort Pub Chair

Features unique Nail-Head design with Maxi-Comfort positioning. Pub Chair offers maximum comfort at the push of a button. Infinite and Zero-Gravity positioning with independent head & foot controls.

  • 21"W x 18.5"D
  • 20" Seat-to-floor
  • 375 lbs. Capacity

Our Price: $1,699.00
Golden Technologies PR-630 Lift Chair MaxiComfort DayDreamer

Powered Pillow on the Daydreamer can be adjusted for maximum comfort. Infinite and Zero-Gravity positioning. independent head, foot, and head pillow controls.

  • 21"W x 19.5"D
  • 20" Seat-to-floor
  • 375 lbs. Capacity

Our Price: $1,799.00
Golden Technologies PR-512 Lift Chair MaxiComfort Power Cloud

Zero-Gravity and powered headrest for flexible positioning and comfort. Independent head, foot, and head pillow controls.

  • 20"W x 21"D
  • 20" Seat-to-floor
  • 375 lbs. Capacity

Our Price: $1,825.00

Infinite-Positioning Lift Chairs

Infinite Position Lift Chairs are the most flexible type of Lift Chair. Infinite-position chairs recline all the way down like a bed. The ottoman has it's own motor and control switch for independent positioning. This allows the user to raise legs while sitting straight up, or in any recline position. Separate buttons operate the recliner positioning and the Stand-up Lift Mechanism. Adding Heat/Massage to any Lift Chair requires additional switches on the hand pendant. Some hand controls (pendants) may have as many as 8 switches. Not all (patients) can master 6-8 control switches.

Infinite Positioning Lift Chairs from Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies. Infinite-position Lift Chairs offer greater seating flexibility with independent back and footrest control through the use of several switches on the hand-pendant. The user must be capable of using multiple switches.

see the MaxiComfort Lift Chair