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Patient Lifting Devices: Lifts & Lift Slings

Reliable home lifts can go a long way in improving the quality of life for an individual challenged by changing positions from sitting to standing or vice versa. For getting out of or into bed, these devices are indispensable, saving wear and tear on patients, caregivers and family members alike. They're also ideal for providing an easier means for showering or toileting.

Offering a line of patient lifting devices from such industry leaders as Invacare, Hoyer, BestCare, Apex, Drive Medical and Lumex, PHC-Online is all about the ease, safety and dignity of patient handling.

Choosing a Lift & Sling combination: Combining the appropriate Patient Lift with the correct type of Sling will simplify patient transfers while providing a secure and safe patient experience.
Patient Lifts are available in a range of designs and affordable price points.

You'll also find an array of patient lift slings (or hoist slings), overhead lifts, bath lifts and even swimming pool/spa lifts. Most lifts run on rechargeable batteries, some fold down for easy storage and most will accommodate patients weighing as much as 400 pounds. Bariatric units will carry more. Order yours today!Most are delivered in 5-7 business days.

Hoyer Lifts

You may know these types of patient lifting devices as Hoyer Lifts, but Hoyer is actually a brand name and a specific line of Lifts. There are many other brands to shop including Invacare, Apex BestCare, Lumex, Drive Medical and more. The correct name for a standard full body patient lift is actually "Floor Lift" since it's capabilities include lifting from the floor.

Patient Lifts

Are used to transfer patients from bed to chair, wheelchair, or commode as well as picking up from the floor in case of falls. The use of this type mobility lift may enable people who are temporarily or permanently disabled to stay in their own home with assistance from family members or other caregivers rather than having to move a nursing home.

Economical manual-hydraulic lifts are easy to use and provide the basic functions to safely transfer a patient or lift from the floor in the event of a fall. Power Lifts are reliable and work with the push of a button. Powered Lifts using up-to-date technology and features make sense for any long-term care situation or other settings where the Lift is used throughout the day. In addition, using the hand pendant on a Powered Lift enables the caregiver to focus on the patient and not the hardware.

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