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Journey Stand Up Lift

Portable Stand Assist Lift

Hoyer Journey Stand Aid

7 Reviews
Journey Portable Stand Assist Lift folds for storage and transport.
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Hoyer Journey Patient Stand Aid

Portable Stand-Assist Lift Folds for storage or transport.

The Hoyer Journey Sit-to-Stand Lift is the true workhorse of small portable Hoyer patient lifts and unique in its class. It features cow-horn handles, the first of its kind, which enable it to adapt to a range of patient sizes. The Hoyer Journey stand-up lift is the only folding stand aid on the market, accommodating easy storage and transport. Battery-operated, the Hoyer Journey standing lift comes complete with two batteries and a wall-mounted charger. This allows for one battery to always be charged and ready to go.

Compact, nimble and easily maneuverable, this Hoyer Journey patient stand aid has adjustable legs in its sturdy base for easy access around furniture and fixtures. It's a great unit for patient transport!

The Journey lift, usually just takes one assistant, not two. It is safer and easier than a traditional type electric lift. The consumer just needs to be able to grasp the cradle and to be able to sit on edge of bed unassisted by an attendant. They need To be able to keep feet on the foot plate and bear minimal weight on feet/legs while being transferred.

Simplify transfers for those who have trouble standing. Make quick clothing changes, easily transfer from one seated surface to another, and it's excellent for toileting since the bottom is completely open.

Includes Hoyer's Smart Monitor:
The Hoyer Smart Monitor is a control system that stores useful information about the Lift and can be recalled at any time. The Smart Monitor information includes:
  • Number of patient lift cycles
  • Total work done by actuator
  • Number of attempted Lifts above the safe working load
Adjustable Cow-Horns:
The first on the market adjustable cow-horn mechanism supports a range of patient heights and sizes, allowing your lift to set up for your patient's height. The height adjustment uses a 3-Position click-system. Position 3 is for taller/larger patients, Position 2 is more suitable for a medium/average size patient and Position 3 is more suitable for a shorter/pediatric patient or when standing a patient from a low chair. See 3-position illustration below:
Adjustable Cow Horn

Lift from low chairs:
The Journey can transfer a resident from a low-seated position to fully extended with ease. Its active lifting motion is specially designed to encourage user participation, which ultimately promotes resident independence and well-being.

As well as being compact and easy to operation in confined spaces such as bathrooms, the Journey has many key design features that make it a truly flexible piece of equipment.

Easy to use:
The Journey Lift runs on a rechargeable battery and is very easy to use. It takes the patient from a seated position to standing position at the touch the Lift button. Press the Down button and slowly return the patient to the seated position.

Includes 2 batteries and an off-board charger so you can easily keep one on the charger, ready to use.

Weight Capacity: 340 lbs.

Journey Folded
Unique Folding Design:

The Journey's unique folding design stands unaided for easy storage.
The compact design provides an ideal size for transporting. It is the
only stand aid on the market that folds.

Adjustable Cow
Adjustable Cow-Horn:

The unique adjustable cow-horn mechanism supports a range of resident heights and sizes.
Ideal for transfers from low chairs.

Journey Knee Pad Adjustable Knee Pad:

The newly designed sculpted knee pad is easily adjusted for ultimate patient comfort.
Adjustable with one hand.

Typical Use:

Hoyer Sit to Stand LiftPlace the sling behind the patient's back between base of shoulder blades and bottom of rib cage. Attach the Velcro straps around the front of patient if needed. Ensure the patient's arms are outside the strap.

Houer Stand Up LiftPosition the Journey so the patient's knees rest against the knee pad and the patient's feet are in the foot trays. Attach the strap loops with the white hooks at the end of the Journey's hand grips. Push the UP button on hand control to raise the patient to the standing position.
Return Policy for Hoyer Patient Lift
This Hoyer Lift is covered by our 30 day return policy. Product must be returned in unused condition in original packaging with all warranty and owner manuals.

If you have questions about this product or need qualified help choosing options please call us at 1-866-722-4581.
See the full Return Policy here: Return Policy
Hoyer Journey Warranty
The Journey lifts are guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of delivery against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service. This warranty includes all mechanical and electrical components.

Structural components on lifts are covered under warranty for a period of five (5) years.

HoyerPro lifts contain various parts that wear from normal use. These parts, such as DC batteries and casters are not covered under the two-year warranty but are covered for 90 days.

Warranty applies in the USA only and item must be purchased through an authorized dealer.
This warranty is not transferable and only applies to the first consumer purchasing the item from an authorized supplier.
  • Quick and safe
  • Includes knee-strap to secure patient
  • Nimble, compact design makes small space maneuverability easy
  • Extensive range of motion to accommodate many resident heights and capabilities
  • Active lifting motion encourages user participation
  • Removable foot tray allows patient to stand and take small steps while being held up by the Lift
  • Stand-up lifting is less stressful for users
  • Natural standing motion with arc-lifting design
  • Extra-long padded knee supports adapt to patients of varying heights
  • Low pivot point
  • Adjustable U-base spreads around chairs or commode for best access
  • Includes 2 rechargeable battery packs and wall mounted charger

Specifications: use the Technical Specs Tab above.

Replacement Parts:Journey Stand Aid Replacement Parts

Owner Manual

(Adobe® PDF format)

Journey Stand Assist Lift

Learn about the Portable Journey Lift


Dimensions when Folded: 20.5"W x 39"L x 20.5"H
Safe Working Load 341-lbs
Maximum Overall Length 39.4"
Minimum Overall Length 36.8"
Maximum Overall Height 63.0"
Minimum Overall Height 44.5"
Maximum Height to Attachment Point 60.2"
Minimum Height to Attachment Point 28.4"
Turning Radius 45.1"
Legs Open - External Width 38.2"
Legs Open - Internal Width 34.5"
Legs Closed - External Width 27.0"
Legs Closed - Internal Width 22.2"
Widest Point (between support handles) 18.8"
Overall Height of Legs 4.3"
Ground Clearance 1.2"
Front Twin Casters 3.0"
Rear Braked Casters 4.0"

Mast, Base & Boom Assembly 82.4 lbs
Power Pack 6.2 lbs
Total 88.6 lbs
Base Assembly (not incl battery) 30.2 lbs
Mast & Boom (not incl battery) 42.3 lbs
Foot Tray 9.9 lbs

Electrical Specifications:
Battery: 24vDC rechargeable sealed lead acid type
Battery capacity: 3.2A Ampere hours
Charger rated input: 100-240V AC 24 VDC 50/60Hz
Charger rated output: 29.5 VDC, Max. 19 W


Average Customer Review:
( 7 )
John & Carole B from Garland, TX United States
June 25, 2020
We are delighted with this lift for our multi-handicapped son; it is easy to use by us and safer to use by caregivers. Very prompt delivery and excellent company customer service.
Was this review helpful to you?
Rhonda J. from Costa Mesa, CA
April 7, 2018
Our Second Purchase
We purchased 3 of these from your company in the past and ordered 2 more. Staff likes using these instead of the hoyer lifts we have. Very easy for them to transfer patients. 5 Stars.
Was this review helpful to you?
Victor Kwasnikow from Yreka, CA United States
February 21, 2017
Just received it and trying to get to know how things work so at this date I can not review its performance
Was this review helpful to you?
William L MacKenzie from Fond du Lac, WI United States
December 3, 2016
Hoyer Journey Stand Aid
Wonderful product and we want to order another promptly but the payment options are slowing us down; our credit card has a $3000 limit, and it takes too much time to process. Can we be billed?***** REVIEW ADMIN *****Sorry we can't bill your for the product. I see you selected "wire transfer" on your last order. That will be the quickest way if you can't get your limit raised on the credit card.
Was this review helpful to you?
James E. from Seattle, WA
September 29, 2022
excellent product
Very nice Hoyer product but even though it folds nicely it is very heavy and will take two strong helpers to lift it into our van. Good quality product and I can tell it will last forever. Seems to get a lot of life out of the battery when fully charged. We are using it 4-6 times each day and I'm charging the battery pack once a week.
Was this review helpful to you?