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how lift chairs work...

Lift Chairs & How they work

All lift chairs will lift the user to the standing position. 2-Position does not mean there are only 2 positions just as 3-Position does not mean there are only 3-positions. The chair's recline can be stopped in any position by releasing the control button.

The difference between 2-Position, 3-Position and Infinite-Position Lift Chair is in the recline mechanism and footrest/ottoman positioning.

2-Position Lift Chair:

2-Position Lift Chair

2-Position Lift Chairs do recline a few inches. While reclining, the seat of the chair actually slides rearward as to extend the stretched-out position. This position is where you would normally position a "Lazy-Boy" recliner if you are watching TV. Most 2-Position Lift Chairs have a gap between the seat and the ottoman. The 2-Position Lift Chair has a single motor that runs the back recline and ottoman. A single toggle switch on the hand pendant controls everything.

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3-Position Lift Chair:

3-Position Lift Chair

3-Position Lift Chairs recline just like a Lazy-Boy recliner, and actually reclines further than most Lazy-Boys. As the back reclines the ottoman rises. The chair may be stopped in any position. Most of the 3 position Lift Chairs are full chaise loungers, no gap between ottoman and seat. Standard 3-Position Lift Chairs have a single motor that runs the back recline and ottoman. A single toggle switch on the hand pendant controls everything. Heavy-Duty 3-Position Lift Chairs may employ double motors for extra lifting power. The Golden Heavy-Duty PR-502 Big Boy has 3-motors and can lift up to 700-lbs.

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Infinite Position Lift Chair:

Infinite Position Lift Chair

Infinite-Position lift Chairs such as the Pride VivaLift Metro series are capable of reclining the back parallel to the floor (flat) and allow the ottoman to raise the feet above the heart or move to a zero-gravity position. The seat positions so that the body experiences a relaxed "S" position. These higher-end chairs are full-chaise loungers with padding from the seat all the way across the ottoman, no gaps, all padded. See each chair for individual specifications and functionality.

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Trendelenburg Positioning Lift Chair:

Trendelenburg Positioning Lift Chair

In the Trendelenburg position the body is at a slant with the head below the heart and the head lower than the legs. This position also changes blood circulation. Trendelenburg positioning can be found on the Pride Oasis LC-580i

Zero-Gravity Lift Chair:

Zero-Gravity Lift Chair

The zero-gravity position positions one's thighs and lower legs higher than his or her torso. Zero Gravity reduces the stress on your spine and allows the feet to raise to the same level as your heart and the strain of gravity on the vertebrae is reduced, relieving the discomfort of back pain. You can find Zero-Gravity Positioning on the Pride LC-525i Lift Chair.

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Lift Chair Accessories:

Lift Chair Accessories

Several accessories for lift chairs including Heat and Massage are available. The Lumbar and Head Pillow pictured (left) are useful positioning devices, obviously not for everyone. The hand control (Pendant) comes on the right side, but may be ordered for the left side of the lift chair. Adding Heat & Massage or a left-handed control usually means a 3-week lead time.

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How Zero Gravity Chairs Work

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