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Hospital Beds for Home Care

For in home patients who need the benefits of a medical bed, PHC has a selection of hospital beds suitable for a variety of conditions Whether you’re looking for an adjustable home care bed with a therapeutic support surface or a full-electric hospital bed, you’ll find a dependable product fit for your needs in our selections.

PHC offers semi electric, full electric and Bariatric (for obese patients) hospital beds. Standard hospital beds have a weight capacity of 450 lbs and Bariatric beds vary from 600-1000 lbs. Full-electric beds are ideal for all-electronic adjustment, while our selection of semi-electric beds can be adjusted both with a hand control and hand crank. Most home care beds are available in standard (80") and extra-long (84") sizes.

Hospital beds for home, typically have an exterior measurement of 84" X 36" and take a mattress measuring 80" X 36". Extensions are available to increase the length by four inches. They are usually designed to hold a weight load of up to 450 pounds, although the heavy-duty Bariatric models will generally take up to 1000 pounds and are available in wider sizes.
From manual to long-term care beds, PHC offers a wide selection of basic and pro-level home care beds that are compatible for various patient needs. If you’re looking to buy hospital beds from trusted industry brands at competitive prices, call us.

Full-Electric versus Semi-Electric:

  1. Full-Electric Bed: Head, foot, and bed height adjustable via the hand control with an additional motor for raising/lowering bed height.
  2. Semi-Electric Bed: Head and foot are adjustable with the hand control, the bed can be raised/lowered with manual hand-crank (this is usually set to a comfortable height for the patient and left in that position).

Hospital Bed Dimensions:

  • Standard size Hospital Beds have a sleep surface of 36"W x 80"L. Hospital Bed overall measurements are 38"W x 84"L. (outside of headboard to footboard.)
  • Most hospital beds come in 80". Optional XL 84-inch (extension kit exists for some of the popular beds, can be extended another 4". (36"W x 84"L sleep surface.)
  • If you need more space you'll have to see the Home Care Electric Adjustable Beds that are available in standard sizing: Full (54" x 80"), Queen (60" x 80"), or King (76" x 80").


Purchasing a Hospital Bed online means you will be doing some light assembly. You can review the steps required to setup your bed here: How to Assemble a Hospital Bed

Get Qualified Help:
Get assistance selecting a bed or mattress...Customer Service 866-722-4581.

Featured: Patriot Full Electric

Features dual HI/LO motors to adjust bed height from a low 10" to 20" easy and even allows for Trendelenburg and slant positioning. Attractive, “home-like” thermo fused bed ends offer a less institutional look. Features SilverSolutions, and anti-microbial technology built into the paint that protects against bacteria and odor.

Lumex Quality

Robust steel grid deck sleep surface provides superior mattress support and easy to clean surface compared to traditional spring decks .

Patriot LX Full-Electric Homecare Bed