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Medical Trapeze Equipment for Hospital Beds

When a patient is bed ridden, itís very important that their positions are changed to avoid accumulating bed sores and skin deterioration. Our bed trapeze units are designed to assist individuals weighing up to 1,000 pounds in changing positions in bed and transferring them in and out of bed. The triangular-shaped trapeze bar for bed helps gives patients something to grasp to reposition themselves and prepare for bed transfer.

Our selection of medical trapeze equipment includes free standing floor frames or hardware, so you can attach the trapeze bar to a headboard. Our overhead trapeze products fit any size hospital bed and are adjustable to accommodate the height of the bed. They also help improve both patient and caregiver safety by reducing the pressure of repositioning. Order a hospital bed trapeze from PHC-Online to bring top-of-the-line medical equipment to your home today!

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Lumex Offset Trapeze Bar Lumex Versa-Helper Trapeze, 2800

Lumex Versa-Helper Offfset Trapeze model 2800 fits any hospital bed with a metal-framed headboard, attaches to the headboard or use optional floor stand.

Your Price: $149.00
Invacare Trapeze Bar Invacare Offset Trapeze for G-Series Beds

Trapeze mounts directly on the headboard of Invacare G-Series Hospital Beds. Easily adjust to patient comfort. Soft-to-Grip handle.

Your Price: $283.00
Offset Trapeze Bar Invacare Offset Trapeze Bar

Invacare model 7740A Offset Trapeze Bar. Fits any hospital bed with a headboard by attaching to the headboard, or by using the 7714P floor stand.

Your Price: $212.20
Offset Trapeze Bar Invacare Trapeze Floor Stand, 7714P

Floor Stand for Invacare Offset Trapeze Bar.

Your Price: $198.00
Lumex Bariatric Trapeze Lumex Bariatric Trapeze, 2940B & 2960B

Lumex Bariatric Trapeze available with 450-lb or 600-lb weight capacities. Heavy-duty Floor Trapeze is easy to setup. Chain length and Trapezez height are adjustable.

Your Price: $499.00
Invacare Bariatric Trapeze model BARTRAP Invacare Bariatric Trapeze

Invacare Bariatric Trapeze model  BARTRAP supports 650-lbs patients.

Your Price: $1,149.00
Bariatric Trapeze model 13049SV Free-Standing Bariatric Trapeze

Bariatric Trapeze with Floor Stand. Supports up to 650-lb patients.

Your Price: $1,164.00
Bariatric Trapeze model 13039SV Bariatric Trapeze with Wheels

Bariatric Trapeze on Wheels for improved transport. Supports patients up to 1000 lbs.

Your Price: $1,329.00
Trapeze for Titan Bariatric Bed Trapeze for Titan Bariatric Bed

Bariatric Trapeze, 4 post system for Titan Bariatric Bed. Complete Trapeze with Trapeze Bar. Fits Titan 4200, 4800, 5400 and 3600e beds.

Your Price: $999.00
Invacare 7953P Invacare Bed Bracket, Lower, with Wall Bumper

Invacare 7953P Bracket is used to mount Fracture-Frame or Trapeze to Hospital Bed.  Includes rubber wall bumper.

Your Price: $105.90
Invacare 7950 Invacare Bed Bracket, Upper, Complete, Gray 7950P

Invacare 7950 Upper Bracket mounts to top of headboard for Trapeze or Fracture-Frames.

Your Price: $105.90
Medical Trapeze Equipment