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Hospital Bed Mattress

Hospital Bed Mattress

Home care hospital beds come in a variety of configurations, but one thing they have in common is that all require some form of support surface or hospital bed mattress. A hospital mattress, also known as a therapeutic mattress or medical mattress, must be specially designed to accommodate the person lying on it and also to be able to move with the head, foot and height adjustments of which hospital beds are capable.

When shopping for a mattress for hospital bed, you'll be faced with a wide range of choices including those that are as simple as a standard, economically priced waterproof unit to ones that are quite technologically advanced. This includes mattresses that are microprocessor controlled and capable of automatically turning an immobile patient at specific intervals in order to reduce the chance that he/she will suffer the effects of pressure sores (bed sores).

Our inventory of hospital bed mattresses includes innerspring models, foam mattresses and a combination of both. We have extra firm hospital bed mattress or Bariatric models with extra weight capacities and alternating pressure mattresses that continually change pressure points and promote blood circulation. There are more, all of which you can find here with complete descriptions and a list of benefits. Call us toll-free at 866-722-4581 for any assistance you may require.

Find a mattress by Patient Weight

Most basic Hospital Bed Mattresses are approx. 6" thick and either an innerspring system, foam, or a hybrid combination of both. All are constructed to work with hospital beds since they flex with head/foot up/down adjustment. Hospital Bed Mattress systems are designed to bend with the positioning of the bed and patient.

From economical waterproof mattresses to microprocessor controlled self-turning rotational systems, we offer help, tips and free advice on purchasing home care beds and support surfaces: Call 866-722-4581. M-F 8am-6pm CST.

Inner-Spring versus Foam Mattress

Inner-spring mattresses are the most common type of mattress supplied with Medicare Beds. Mainly because of economics. The innerspring mattress is least expensive and is designed to be supplied with Medicare Beds packaged with a minimalistic regard to patient comfort. Foam Mattress systems are not that much more expensive and provide far superior comfort. A Foam Mattress may appear to be softer on the surface, but actually provide a firmer foundation and do not breakdown like the innerspring. Bariatric Mattress systems designed for obese patients are made of foam, not innerspring. Foam mattress systems are available with an assortment of top layer designs for comfort and combating delicate skin issues.

Pressure relieving mattress systems

Therapeutic foam mattresses can consist of different layers, zones, features and densities. These products are designed to redistribute pressure and are used in the prevention and early stages of pressure ulcers. A softer foam is used to cradle the head, while a foam which becomes softer as more heat or body temperature is applied is used to cradle the heels. Multiple layers of foam offer pressure redistribution for the torso while higher density and IFD foam are placed on the side of the mattress for side support.

Sort Mattresses by weight capacity or find size

Use this quick reference to determine which mattress has which weight capacity or to quickly locate a mattress size: Hospital Bed Mattress Weight Capacities and 75/76" length mattress

Buying Tips:

As you shop for a new mattress we know you're number one concern is going to be comfort, but you must also consider the mattress' ability to protect the patient's skin, especially in any bony areas. You must avoid any type of skin irritation that could lead to skin breakdown, skin ulcers, bed sores.
  • 100% of user reviews favor our foam-type hospital bed mattress over the inner-spring for comfort
  • 100% of our foam mattresses offer superior skin protection compared to inner-spring
Our Support Surface catalog offers a wide array of mattress pads, air mattress, low-air-loss, alternating pressure and lateral-turning mattress systems. Individuals needing long-term support with therapy to prevent skin ulcers, or are currently fighting the redness that comes from lying in the same position for a prolonged period of time, or treating existing skin ulcers and bed sores, our Support Surface Catalog offers products for both Group I and Group II Therapeutic Support System (TSS) categories where you'll find a hospital bed air mattress with pump.