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Safety, comfort and performance are distinguishing characteristics of all of our handcyles. If recreation is your goal, the Excelerator and XLT are great models as they feature a low maintenance 7 speed hub with reverse hands-on braking. We have the Liíl Excelerator and XLT Jr. for kids too!

Whether youíre a top professional athlete or a weekend warrior, a Top End Handcycle is the only way to go!
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Excelerator Hand Bike Excelerator Hand Cycle, Quick Ship

Top End Excelerator Stock Handcycle ships in 2-3 days. Stable and maneuverable, capable of speeds up to 15 mph. Practical upright seating offers excellent upper body exercise and outdoor fun.

Our Price: 2,099.00
Excelerator Hand Cycle Top End Excelerator Custom Hand Cycle, XCL

Excelerator Custom is extremely stable and maneuverable. Practical upright seating offers excellent upper body exercise and outdoor fun.

Our Price: 2,499.00
XLT Hand Cycle Top End Excelerator XLT Hand Cycle, XLT

Top End XLT Handcycle equipped with 7 speeds and optional Mountain Drive, can handle most terrains, STI-indexed shifters/brake levers for smooth, responsive shifting and dual braking right at your fingertips.

Our Price: 2,299.00
XLT PRO Hand Cycle Top End Excelerator XLT PRO Hand Cycle, XLTPRO

Top End XLT PRO Handcycle model XLTPRO.  Professional handcycle with 27 speeds made for the serious enthusiast.

Our Price: 3,599.00
Li'l Excelerator Hand Cycle Top End Li'l Excelerator Handcycle, LXC

Top End Li'l Excelerator Handcycle model LXC is stable, maneuverable, and safe for kids. L'l Excelerator has a 7-Speed hub and reverse braking system. Upright seating position for easy transfers.

Our Price: 2,079.00
Top End Force G Handcycle Top End Force G Handcycle, FRCG

Top End Force G Handcycle model FRCG has a an upright seat position and Recumbent aerodynamic 3 piece centerline frame.

Our Price: 3,999.00
Top End Force Handcycle Top End Force Handcycle, FRC

Top End Force Handcycle model FRC has a super reclined position and features a totally adjustable back angle so you can dial it in to reach your maximum potential.

Our Price: 3,879.00
Quickie Shark Handcycle Quickie Shark Handcycle

Quickie Shark Handcycle. Advanced features, such as the vertical crank adjustment, X-link frame separation mechanism, and ergonomic seat-design

Our Price: 3,500.00

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A Handcycle is a type of recumbent bike powered by the arms rather than the legs. Handcycles are tricycle in form, with two coasting rear wheels and one steerable powered front wheel. They are also known as handbikes.

Thanks to modern technology, handcycles come in a variety of styles, making them accessible to people of all abilities, including many persons with disabilities.

Handcycling is a great upper body workout and can provide a great sense of freedom for persons with disabilities.

While the high cost of these cycles means that they are still relatively rare, they continue to grow in popularity.