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Halo Safety Wing

Safety Wing

Halo Safety Wing

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Halo Safety Wing is approved and recommended for Assisted Living Centers.
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Halo Safety Wing

Halo Safety Wing is the final protocol or intervention for a patient or resident who develops some type of cognitive, mental, or physical behavior problem that prevents them from understanding what they are doing in their bed system.

Halo Safety Wing

Meets and exceeds the Hospital Bed System Workgroup report alternative dimensions and assessment guidelines provided along with the FDA.

Fits Hospital Bed or home bed with steel frame:
77701 Halo Safety Wing - Single Mount for hospital bed
77702 Halo Safety Wing - Double Mount for hospital bed
77121-W1 Halo ALC Wing, Single-Sided Mount for Boxspring and Mattress Beds
77121-W2 Halo ALC Wing, Double-Side Mount for Boxspring and Mattress Beds

  • Easy removal for bed side transfers and bed therapy
  • Promotes bed mobility/decreases skin breakdown
  • Permanent locking mechanism to assist resident exiting bed
  • 1000 lb. weight capacity
  • Turnbuckle style mounting bracket to fit most beds
  • Customized mattress stay to prevent lateral mattress movement
  • Circular design with a vertical mounting bar to eliminate entrapment and allow for exit points for neck, head and chest
  • Easy to install
  • Exceeds the 4 ¾” breadth of the Halo Safety Ring for Zone 1
  • Exceeds the compressibility of mattress and 2 1/3” gap space along with the 60” exit point for Zones 2, 3 and 4
  • Lifetime Warranty

Accessories for Halo Safety Wing:

Halo Circle Pad Protector - Model Number 77118:
7718 Pad ProtectorPrevents bruising from any medical disorder that might cause the skin to become thin, frail, or to bruise.
Promotes increased safety and a better sleeping environment.
Installs with simple hook and loop attachments.

Halo Limb Protector - Model Number 77116:
7716 Limb ProtectorPrevents the upper from penetrating any one part of the Halo Circle.
May be hand washed and air dried.

Halo Gap Space Eliminator - Model Number 77117:
7717 Gap Space Eliminator
Eliminates Zone 7 Gap Space
Designed to eliminate gaps between mattresses in increments of 2", 4", and 6".
Units may be used individually or together, depending on size of gap to be eliminated.
Each unit has a removable machine washable cover and a three strap system.


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