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Halo Ring Parts

Halo Ring Accessories

Accessories for Halo Safety Ring

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Halo Safety Ring Accessories
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Halo Safety Ring Accessories

Halo Circle Pad Protector - Model Number 77118:
7718 Pad ProtectorPrevents bruising from any medical disorder that might cause the skin to become thin, frail, or to bruise.
Promotes increased safety and a better sleeping environment.
Installs with simple hook and loop attachments.

Halo Limb Protector - Model Number 77116:
7716 Limb ProtectorPrevents the upper from penetrating any one part of the Halo Circle.
May be hand washed and air dried.

Halo Gap Space Eliminator - Model Number 77117:
7717 Gap Space Eliminator
Eliminates Zone 7 Gap Space
Designed to eliminate gaps between mattresses in increments of 2", 4", and 6". Units may be used individually or together, depending on size of gap to be eliminated. Each unit has a removable machine washable cover and a three strap system.

See the Halo Safety Ring for more information on this product.


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Chris McCambridge from Minneapolis, MN United States
January 18, 2021
Shipped in a timely fashion. Very pleased. Thanks
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