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Invacare Bariatric Patient Lift Sling

Heavy Duty Full Body Mesh Sling, 550-lb Capacity

Invacare Comfort Sling Extra Large

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Invacare Extra-Large Comfort Sling is a Heavy Duty Full Body Mesh Sling.

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Polyester Mesh Sling Extra Large

550-lb weight capacity

Invacare Comfort Sling is for amputees and anyone with chronic postural pain for transfers from a horizontal to seated position.

The Full Body Sling is easy to use while transferring a patient from the bed to a wheelchair, toilet or shower-chair or from the floor to a bed. It offers total head and neck support.

Recommend sling for Invacare's Jasmine, Reliant 450/600 and iLift series lifts, but will work on any patient lift.

Style:XL, heavy-duty
Material:Polyester Mesh
Color:Binding: blue, Body: gray
Overall Length:57.5" Commode opening: n/a
Overall Width:52.4" Commode opening: n/a
Product Weight Capacity:550 lb
  • Four easy attachment points simplify attaching the sling confidently
  • Easily adjust to ensure comfortable and secure fit
  • For transfers from bed to wheelchair, recliner or shower chair, or from floor to bed
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable net fabric


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