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Easy Grabber

Easy Grabber/Reacher

Carex Reacher - Easy Grabber

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Easy Grabber
Product Code: CEXP60500
Carex Easy Grabber/Reacher

The 26" long EZ Grabber/Reacher has an ergonomic handle and grip to assure comfortable, continuous use.

The Carex Easy Grabber can help getting dressed or picking up or reaching items

The Carex EZ Grabber Reacher can help grasp items from hard to reach places or the floor. A 90 degree rotating arm on the exclusive EZ twist shaft turns the grasping jaws on the reacher and saving the user from turning and twisting.

Rubber grabber cups help keep a strong hold on objects.

Grasping jaw opens to 5" and the rotating arm turns 90 degrees.

1 year warranty.


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