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Spare Parts for Dolomite Rolling Walkers

Dolomite is a well-known and respected name in rolling walkers, or rollators, and not only do we offer a fine selection of these units, but we also offer an array of Dolomite rollator parts. Spare parts for Dolomite rolling walker models include 8" wheels for several, including the Legacy, Symphony, Alpha, Melody and Maxi. Other Dolomite rollator walker parts include handlebar and back support brackets, brake handles and cables, front forks and safety latches.

We carry rollator replacement parts for a variety of different brands of walkers that you can access by clicking on "mobility products" and searching for your specific brand. Further accessories related specifically to the Dolomite brand include food/beverage trays, soft foam handgrips, single-hand braking systems, extra slow-down brakes and a selection of seats and carrying baskets. You'll also find an attachable holder for carrying your high-pressure oxygen tank on the back of your chair.

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Dolomite Front Fork Dolomite Front Fork D13512, D12591

Front (swivel) Fork for Dolomite Rollators:  Legacy, Maxi, Symphony, Alpha

Our Price: $58.90

8" Replacement Wheel Dolomite - 8" Replacement Wheel

8" Replacement wheel for Dolomite Legacy, Symphony, Maxi, Alpha, Melody Rollators

Our Price: $49.90

Back Support for Legacy Dolomite - Back Support

Back Support and handlebar brackets for Dolomite Legacy & Maxi Rollators.

Seat Pad for Dolomite Dolomite Seat Pad- P12519

Add comfort to your Dolomite Rollator with a Padded Seat. Fits Dolomite Legacy, Maxi, Symphony, Futura and Alpha models.

Our Price: $42.00

Backstrap Pad for Dolomite Rollator Dolomite Backstrap Pad

Padded Backrest for Dolomite Legacy, Maxi and Futura Rollators. Easy to attach to existing backstrap.

Our Price: $16.00

Adjustment Knobs Dolomite - Handle Height Adjustment Knobs w/bolts

Handle height adjustment knobs w/bolts for Dolomite Rollators.

Our Price: $24.40

Handle Height Adjustment Knobs Handle Height Adjustment Knobs - Maxi Plus

Handle height adjustment knobs w/bolts for Dolomite Maxi Plus Rollators.

Our Price: $33.55
Back Support for Symphony Symphony Back Support

Back Support and hardware for Dolomite Symphony Rollators.

Our Price: $49.99

Brake cable for Dolomite Rollaots Dolomite Brake Cable

Brake cable for Dolomite Legacy, Maxi, Symphony, Alpha,  Futura Rollators

Our Price: $59.90

Dolomite Replacement Seat Dolomite Replacement Seat

Replacement Seat for Dolomite Legacy, Symphony and Alpha Rollators. Dolomite part# D12545 seat with hardware.

Our Price: $83.50

Dolomite Food & Beverage Tray Dolomite Legacy/Maxi Replacement Basket

Basket for Dolomite Legacy Rollators

Our Price: $58.50

Brake handle for Legacy, Maxi, Symphony Rollators Dolomite Brake Handle w/Cable and Sleeve

Brake handle w/cable for Dolomite Legacy, Maxi, Symphony, Soprano Rollators.

Our Price: $78.50

Parts and Accessories for Dolomite brand Rollators.

Keep your Dolomite Walker in top working condition. Popular replacement parts for Dolomite Rollators can be found here. More parts call Customer Service 866-722-4581.

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