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Brake for Legacy, Maxi, Symphony Rollators

Brake handle w/cable

Dolomite Brake Handle & Cable

3 Reviews
Brake handle w/cable for Dolomite Legacy, Maxi, Symphony Rollators.
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Product Code: Dolomite-D13464
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Dolomite Rollator Brake Handle w/Cable

Brake handle w/cable for Legacy, Maxi, Symphony Rollators.

These are not universal, they are sized for each Dolomite rollator model.
You must specify which model rollator you have.

Includes the wire cable and black sleeve covering the cable.

How to Adjust Rollator Brake

Brake cables can stretch over time. Adjust the brake cable exactly as you would a bicycle brake.If you cannot figure it out by yourself, take it to a bike shop.

If your break is not applying all the way you probably need the type of simple adjustment suggested in the image below.
Adjusting Brake
The idea is to tighten up the cable to apply more brake at the brake lever:
  1. Looking at where the cable seats into the brake handle, you will see a lock-nut that keeps the cable seating shaft locked into place.
  2. Loosen the lock-nut and begin turning the shaft so it extends away from the handle (so you see more of it), this tightens and puts tension the cable.
  3. Careful, it doesn't require much extension so do this in small amounts
  4. This is also how you will adjust the parking brake if equipped.
  5. When you get the shaft length where you want it, lock it in place with the lock-nut you loosened step 1.


Average Customer Review:
( 3 )
Maria Drews from MUSCODA, WI United States
February 10, 2020
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Nancy Close from Tomah, WI United States
October 22, 2018
Dolomte Brake Handle w/cable Item # D13098L
Wonderful service. Ordered on Monday, rec'd on Wednesday.
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Eunice Makovicka from San Angelo, TX United States
November 11, 2016
Very Happy
It was quickly, easily installed and it was very important to me that it was quick to fix. I was so incredibly relieved and happy when it was fixed, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
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