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Thigh High Compression

Thigh-High Graduated Compression

Get professional surgical weight graduated compression for healthy, great feeling legs. Available with closed or open toe design, these graduated compression hose help treat varicose veins as well as help tired, fatigued legs and ankles.



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Thigh High Compression Hose.

Apply Activa® Legwear in the morning upon rising, before any possible swelling. For easier application, feet and legs should be completely dry.

To extend product life, hand wash in warm water with mild soap.

The Venous System:
In the circulatory system arteries distribute oxygen-enriched blood throughout the body, and veins return deoxygenated blood back to the heart. This trek back to the heart is called venous blood flow. The leg veins are at a greater risk of developing disorders than just about any other part of the circulatory system. The leg veins must carry large volumes back to the heart traveling uphill and fighting gravity the entire way. The pumping action of the heart alone is not sufficient to achieve this journey.

Venous blood flow in the legs is aided by 3 important factors:
  • a series of one-directional valves
  • the surrounding calf muscle pump
  • the elasticity of the vein wall.
Any malfunction in this system of venous blood flow back to the heart can result in a venous disorder.

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