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Thigh High with Lace

Thigh-High Compression Hose

Professional surgical weight graduated compression for healthy, great feeling legs. Available with closed or open toe design, these graduated compression hose help treat varicose veins as well as help tired, fatigued legs and ankles.



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Compression Hose. Thigh High Support Hose with Lace tops.

Why Compression Hose?
Venous disorders are very common and virtually everyone experiences a decline in leg circulation. Elastic graduated compression products can be used by anyone both as a treatment to guard against further progression of venous disorders and as a preventative measure.

The leg veins are at a greater risk of developing disorders than just about any other part of the circulatory system. The leg veins must carry large volumes back to the heart traveling uphill and fighting gravity the entire way. Any malfunction in this system of venous blood flow back to the heart can result in a venous disorder.

If a valve is not functioning properly or if the walls of the vein lose their elasticity, blood pooling and swelling can result. The pooling and increased weight of blood in the area of the defective valve causes the eventual failure of the adjacent valve, leading to more problems.

The cascading effect of the successively collapsing valves leads to incompetence of the involved vein. This progression can eventually become serious and result in venous disorders including varicosities (vein with a swollen, knotted appearance), edema, leg pain/fatigue, skin ulcers (result from stagnant, non-circulation blood), and life-threatening thrombosis (blood clot formation). Venous disorders can also result from inactivity of the lower limb, as in bedridden patients. This is because too great a burden is placed upon the valve system without the aid of the calf muscle pump.