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Wheelchair Comfort Arm

Comfort Arm, Padded Arm/Elbow Support

Comfort Arm for Wheelchair - Tall

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Comfort Arm for wheelchair - Tall Style
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Product Code: Arm-2007-PAD
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Arm Mount

Comfort Arm Tall Style

models: 2007R-PAD (Right), 2007L-PAD (Left)

The Comfort Company make it easy to replace your wheelchair's arm pad with this padded Comfort Arm that supports the forearm and elbow. Installation is easy, just remove the screws under your arm pad and install the Comfort Arm.

This Comfort Arm has a one-sided support on the inside of the wheelchair.

For patients with no use of an arm or arm paralysis, the soft VELCRO straps keep arm comfortable and in place.

SOLACE FABRIC —designed for pressure relief and comfort, Solace is fluid-proof,anti-microbial and soft to the touch. The multi-dimensional stretchdesign alleviates pressure on bony prominences and provides optimalskin protection.

The Comfort Arm can be installed with the standard fixed mounting hardware or with optional swing-away hardware:

Fixed Interlock :
Comfort Arm - Fixed Mount
The interlock bracket is affixed directly to the arm base for a solid and secure attachment. This type of mounting bracket keeps the arm in one position. The padded armrest keeps the forearm and elbow in comfortable position and includes VELCRO straps to keep the arm in place.

Swing-Away Mount:
Comfort Arm - Swing Away Monut
Rotating base system allows the Comfort Arm to be angularly rotated side-to-side and adjusted 7" front to back. This type of mount accommodates patients with arm contracture or need additional positioning. Swing Away mount can be changed over time to correct contracture.

Interlock Bracket:
Comfort Arm Mounting TheInterlock Bracket locks down to either ¾” or 7/8” (1” upon request)tubing using a 2 bolt connection. Standard with fixed or swing-awayhardware options. This secure connection will keep the armrest where you need it.

Moldable Arm Bottom:
Moldable Arm Base
Allows front portion to be molded to prevent edema and add comfort.
  • Kit includes standard fixed mount hardware or optional swing-away mount
  • Suitable for all wheelchair arms with removable arm pads
  • Fast/Easy installation
  • Order by patient Right or Left arm
  • Comfort Arm length 22"
  • Comfort Arm width 7"

Comfort Arm for Wheelchair


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